Top movies coming out in 2021

Jonathan Chiles, Arts and Entertainment Editor

With the detrimental effects COVID-19 has had on the film industry many anticipated films have been either postponed indefinitely or have been pushed off to 2021. Assuming all goes well and these films actually release there is going to be a hefty lineup when the films that were already slotted for 2021 are taken into account. 


Spider-Man Far From Home Sequel

There is so little known about this film that there is not even an official title for it yet. While this may be true, the cliffhanger at the end of Spider-Man Far From Home has enough substance to carry a film in its own right without Marvel’s track record for well-received movies. The overwhelming lack of information makes it hard to place this film any higher.


Ghostbusters: Afterlife

This movie is a proper sequel to the Ghostbuster franchise as opposed to the 2016 movie that acted as a soft reboot to the franchise. The all-female reboot was met with mixed reviews and many fans were not a fan of the film. Afterlife seems like it will be more of a return to form for the series which fans should enjoy.


Top Gun Maverick

Another sequel to an 80s hit, Top Gun Maverick follows Tom Cruise as he once again stars in some of the greatest military propaganda known to man. All jokes aside, this film looks like it will be delivering the same high octane energy that captivated audiences back in the 80’s.


No Time to Die

The 25th installment of the Bond franchise was originally slated for a 2020 release. For the majority of the series’ lifespan, there has not been a connected plot rather a series of stories connected only by the names of characters and vague references to past adventures. With the latest films, the series seems to be taking a more structured approach that can lead to more meaningful stories and grander plots.


Space Jam: A New Legacy

The original film was a movie so strange that it shouldn’t have worked. Who would have thought that Loony Tunes, aliens, and Michael Jordan in one movie would be a good idea? Somehow it worked out and a cult classic was born. If the second movie can hit that same niche it will be legendary. 



If the stars align correctly for this movie it could be the next Star Wars. The cast is full of great actors, the director is known for critically acclaimed movies, and the source material is phenomenal and widely considered to be one of the greats of Sci-Fi. George R. R. Martin was even influenced by it as he wrote the Game of Thrones series. If Warner Bros plays their cards right this film could spawn a series to be talked about for decades.