21 things to Do If You Are Alone on Valentine’s Day

Laci Roberts, Copy Editor

It can be anyone’s worst fear to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air for most, yet you are stuck at home alone. Here are 21 COVID-19 safe things to do if you find yourself alone this holiday.

1.  Have a virtual hangout

COVID –19 has put a few hitches in spending time with friends, but thanks to good technology, people can still hang out virtually. With a few clicks on a laptop anyone can set up a Zoom meeting or a FaceTime call. Make a plan with a few good single friends to spend the night on zoom. Have some fun catching up and complaining about being single.   

2. Make a list of stops for cheap chocolate day

The days after Valentine’s Day are the prime time to get cheap chocolate. Make a list of the best stores that sell Valentine’s Day chocolate. Next, you can make a plan with a friend to hit all of the right stops. Who knows? Anyone can score the mother-load of cheap chocolate.

3. Watch cheesy rom-coms on Netflix

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than binge watching a selection of the best rom coms. These movies leave anyone feeling lonely and laughing hysterically. The cheesier the better to make a fun night of laughs. After watching these movies, you can have new unrealistic standards for a relationship.

 4. Create a new playlist

A good playlist can set the mood. Take this lazy night in and craft the perfect playlist. Make a playlist for a girls night out or of the best break up songs. After you have completed your creation, take a few minutes, and just listen to the whole playlist all the way through. This way you can make any adjustment that are needed and just feel the vibe.

5. Make a new recipe

Nothing is more fun than trying to make a new recipe. You can try to make dinner for your family or try out an overly complicated dessert. This recipe can be a complete fail or the next best dish for the British Bake Off. Try something above your skill level. The worst thing that can happen is you have to start over.

6. Start a new hobby

Pop open YouTube and learn a new hobby! The internet can teach you some amazing things, so take the time to start a new project. Anyone can learn how to use Photoshop, sew a bag or draw a dog. This small hobby can become your next favorite activity.

7. Plan out the next Instagram post and take some photos

Get dressed up and take some fun photos. Have a random idea for your next Instagram post? Use this time to put it into action. Put on your fanciest outfit and frolic outside in the snow. No idea is a bad idea until it has been attempted.

 8. Pinterest board your wedding

Take the time to gather some ideas for what you would like for your wedding one day. It can be a blast just daydreaming about the future. You can add place cards, flowers or anything that you like to your board. Then in the future when it comes down to planning your wedding you already have a plan or base of what you like.

9.Buy yourself flowers or a new plant

Nothing says doing something for yourself like a fresh bunch of flowers. You don’t have to have anyone buy them for you. Just walk into your local supermarket and get some roses. If you want something with a little bit more commitment, you can buy a plant to take care of.

10. Complete the homework you have been procrastinating on

Maybe the best way to keep your mind off your lack of a relationship is just to focus on other things. If you don’t have any plans, just get some homework done. Complete that assignment that you have been procrastinating on for three weeks. Study for that test that you have next week.

11. Waste some time on TikTok

The best way to waste time is to just start scrolling on TikTok. Get a snack and get lost in the For You Page. TikTok shows you one short 15 to 60-second-long video after another. This leaves you with hours of content to just scroll through. 

12. Check social media for relationship drama

Love is in the air… for some people. Valentine’s Day is the best day to look at social media and wait for relationship drama. Someone can post on snapchat that their date never showed up for dinner. You might have to scroll through pictures of happy couples, but some good drama can be worth it.

 13. Take a drive and get some coffee

With everything that has been going on, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a good coffee. Jump in the car, put on some good songs, and drive to your favorite coffee shop. It is hard to feel sorry about yourself with an iced coffee in hand.

 14. Find out your love language 

Take a quiz to find out what your love language is. This could be the key to your next relationship. You do not have to stop at just learning about your love language. Take some fun quizzes to find out what Harry Potter house you belong in or what movie character reflects your personality.  

15. Online shop

If you have some extra cash, buy some new outfits online. You will be excited when you order them, and just as excited when they come in. Anyone can need a new pair of jeans or a new sweatshirt.

16. Clean and reorganize your room

Redecorate your room! Just moving around your bed can give your bedroom a new feel. Maybe clean your closet with the pile of clothes on the ground. This might not be the most fun activity to spend your evening, but you can feel so much better when it is done.

17. Plan your dream vacation

The pandemic has put a slight pause on travel. Nothing is stopping you from looking at the best activities to do on your next trip. Sit down and look at all of the best tourist spots. Find the best coffee shop in Italy or the best boat ride in Greece. Then, when you are planning your next trip, you have a baseline of what you want to do.

 18. Take a nap

These days most people are just running on willpower and caffeine. On your Valentine’s Day alone, just crawl into bed and sleep for a few hours. If naps are not your thing, just plan on going to bed early. You will thank yourself in the morning when you wake up feeling refreshed. 

 19. Self-care night

A good skincare routine and pedicures can make anyone feel like royalty. With a quiet night in, spend some time taking care of you. That might be a clay face mask, a bubble bath, or anything your heart desires. Dealing with life is hard. Take some time to pamper yourself.

20. Start a bullet journal

Sometimes the best way to be productive is to create a to-do list. A bullet journal is just a collection of to-do lists. These spreads can be as simple or crazy as you want them to be. Spend some time on YouTube finding out what you want to do and then sit down with some markers. Make your own planner to fit your needs.

 21. Call old friends 

You might not be the only person alone on Valentine’s Day. Call that old friend that you have not had the chance to talk with lately. This is a great way to reconnect. You can also just send out a few text messages to see how people are doing.