Senioritis: The last stretch of high school


Laci Roberts

Muskan Basnet opening up her google classroom of missing assignments.

Laci Roberts, Copy Editor

The high school career for the class of 2021 in coming to an end. Seniors are experiencing their “lasts.” Last first day of practice. Last basketball game. Last prom. Last day of high school. But. The final months of senior year can pose an issue: senioritis.

Senioritis can look different for everyone. For some people, it can be a lack of motivation for schoolwork. Others can experience a “it does not matter” attitude. Students start to give up while counting down the days to graduation.

Many students have plans for college and life after graduation. People are looking forward to a new beginning but can be having trouble with focusing on what is happening in their life now. 

Senior Taze Wilson has seen his work ethic decline in the last few months of high school. “I do nothing now,” he said. 

Even with the lack of motivation, there are still some good things to look forward to. Senior Cecilia Patramanis is struggling with the ups and downs of a student’s senior year. “The last few months of senior year have been tough, mainly because of senioritis. It feels like we are so close to being done, yet so far,” she explained. “I am very excited for the upcoming events like prom and graduation, and I’m trying to stay motivated throughout the spring season as much as I can.”

The spring weather has also brought another challenge to the battle of senioritis. Students are even less motivated to get school work done as temperatures begin to rise.

Senior Libby Bowe is excited to finish highschool but it is making it harder to stay focused in school. “Just knowing that we’re so close to graduating and being done with high school is making me very anxious for May. Also, with the weather getting nicer it is harder to focus on school rather than going outside or hanging out with friends,” she said. “I try to keep myself motivated to get through the next two months but with the end in sight I don’t blame seniors for overlooking some of their schoolwork occasionally.”

Seniors are trying their best to stay on top of their schoolwork, but the distractions and excitement of graduation can be a tempting force for procrastination, lack of effort and participation.