PV’s after prom: Plans for RAP prom 2021


Seth Clausen

One of many thing that will be available to students at RAP is the High 5 Arcade at the TBK Sports Complex

Seth Clausen, Copy Editor

Paired with the actual prom dance, there always comes a school party after. This gathering is known as RAP, or right after prom. During this event, students gather to see each other and have fun until the early hours of the morning. In order to attend this event, students may buy their tickets during lunch time or online using the payment method of Venmo. 

This year’s RAP will be different from years past as it has been held at the Pleasant Valley highschool gymnasium. For 2021, RAP will be held at the TBK Sports Facility which will provide tons of space including 6 basketball courts, a two story bowling alley, an olympic sized soccer field, and an arcade. Offered in this space, will be unlimited arcade games, laser tag, bowling, inflatable games, and obstacle courses to keep everyone busy. 

Students in the past have expressed their feelings towards RAP as the best part of prom week because of the laid back atmosphere and a time where all upperclassmen can have fun together. Senior Lily Barrett, who attended prom her sophomore year said “RAP is by far the most fun time of the night, it’s really what separates prom from other dances like homecoming and turnabout.” 

With missing the last three dances of high school, seniors are eager to make the best out of their last one. They have been provided lots of help by the co-chairs, Loretta Gilbeck and Molly Brockmann, by setting up prom and rap.

Brockmann has explained how this year’s RAP will differ from previous years in multiple ways. Obviously and most importantly the change of locations will make a big difference for RAP. The way it looks, students are looking forward to the change. “We wanted to make it special and utilize an awesome facility that is right in our community! There will be something for everyone!“ Brockmann said.

Senior Libby Bowe who also attended Prom her sophomore year said that “RAP was only okay at the Pleasant Valley highschool gymnasium. The Bettplex will be more fun because there will be lots more space and lots more to do such as laser tag and bowling!” 

This year’s RAP is going to include a lot more than previous years which has led to students expressing their excitement for the change. There will be over 300 students coming and plenty of entertainment for every last one of them. 

Along with entertainment will be prizes for every student in attendance. Brockmann explains that “we have a great selection of prizes that includes something for everyone! Including Apple AirPods, Mini Fridges, a laptop, gaming chair, complimentary golf, salon services, and the list goes on!”  

Students will be extra spoiled this year because of their loss of prom in 2020 and just an overall hard year for everyone. Students aren’t going to want to miss out on all of these prizes along with all of the entertainment and fun RAP will bring to Prom.