Best locations for high school dance pictures

Paris Fietsam, Social Media Manager

When it comes to school dances, the pictures are the most important part for some people. However, it always welcomes the big question of where to take pictures. Here are some of the best locations to take pictures for dance photos:


  1. The Davenport Country Club

The DCC has been a popular spot for dance pictures for years. There is a ton of space, making it perfect for bigger groups. Also, there are inside and outside spots, rock areas, a water fountain, and a huge golf course; giving people lots of varying options. Along with this, the attached restaurant is extremely popular with lots of people. 


  1. Crow Valley Golf Club

Crow Valley has always been a super popular spot for pictures. It has a large golf area, giving people many places to take pictures. There are also varying backgrounds which provides the group with many options. Also, with a restaurant being right there it is very conviernet. 


  1. Vanderveer Park

Vanderveer park is a timeless option. Due to it being an outside park, there is a lot of space. It is perfect for big and small dance groups and any group can go there. It is all outside with fancy architecture and lighting, making a beautiful natural option. 


  1. The J Bar

The J Bar is a perfect place for dances if it is too cold or rainy outside because it has a huge indoor space. It is great for big or small groups, with decorated walls and a big space to have varying pictures in different backgrounds.


  1. Trinity Hospital

While Trinity is not the best when the weather is bad, due to the inside being closed off for guests, there is a big backyard that students often find as an option. It has a beautiful backyard, with a big fountain and garden. One downside to the hospital is that there is not a restaurant included, however, it is in a great location with many popular restaurants surrounding it.