Top 12 romance Animes/Manga to warm the season


Heath Rice

Beautiful stories and movies are available to enjoy all around the globe.

Heath Rice, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Sometimes stories are better told animated and this list will shed light on many overlooked cinematic gems. As cold weather creeps into the coming months, warm your heart with a list of 12 romance movies, series and mangas. There is something for all romance lovers on this list.

12. Bunny girl Senpai- This 12-episode romance series and movie revolve around the life of Sakuta. He is surrounded by people who suffer from the adolescence syndrome, which causes strange phenomenons. The story revolves around Sakuta falling in love with a girl nobody else can see, Mai. Follow his journey of the unexplained on Netflix this fall.

11. I want to eat your pancreas- This light novel, manga and movie are not commonly known, but loved by fans worldwide. A girl with a life threatening pancreas disease writes about it in her diary which is found by a quiet  high school student, Haruki. Their personalities are complete opposites, yet their friendship sparks personal growth and discovery.

10. Weathering with you- This movie revolves around the life of Taki Tachibana and his voyage of love with Hina. His life is forever changed when Hina reveals her magical weather girl powers that can stop the rain plaguing Japan. The tale of love and finding true happiness is beautifully executed and gorgeously animated.

9.Toradora- This well-known romance comedy is highly deserving of a spot on this list. As two teenagers, Taiga Aisaka and Ryuji attempt to help one another find love, as sparks begin to fly between the two of them. This emotional rollercoaster is filled to the brim with laughs, tears and overall is an amazing watch.

8.Shikimori isn’t just a cutie- This manga revolves around a typical love story with a twist.Yuu Izumi is a loving boyfriend with a kind heart and very bad luck. He finds himself in danger at every corner and needs saving. Luckily, Shikimori, his calm and sweet girlfriend, can change in the blink of an eye and come to the rescue. This story adds a refreshing change compared to traditional romance stories and moves away from the damsel in distress stereotype.

7.Monstrous appetite- This manga series is a blend between teenage romance and monstrous battles. A young boy begins to fall for a girl in his class with an insatiable appetite and a big secret: She can transform into a gigantic monster at will. He begins to cook for her as she defends him from an array of violent monsters. This story is poetically written and adds an enjoyable amount of comedy and action.

6.A Whisker Away- This slice of life movie is guaranteed to warm your heart. Miyo is a sporadic and crazy girl who is in love with her popular classmate, Hinode. He wants nothing to do with her until she finds a mysterious cat mask that allows her the ability to transform into Hinode’s feline companion. Watch her journey as she attempts to be more than the weird girl to him and find a way for him to love her, not only as Taro but as Miyo. This bizarre yet wholesome film is sure to leave all age groups satisfied. 

5. A Silent Voice- This movie had exceeded all expectations from fans and was based on the hit manga “Silent Voice.” The story revolves around grade school bully, Shoya, who made it his job to pick on the warmhearted Shoko. She was deaf and had suffered bullying and harassment her entire life. Years pass and Shoya comes to make amends after a failed suicide attmept. His attempts to make amends caused more than he could ever imagine. Join them on a journey of self discovery, tragedy and bullying that will make even the strongest viewer burst into tears. The animation is equally as beautiful as the storytelling, with the well known firework scene that lives on forever in fans’ minds.

4.Konosuba- This Crunchyroll original anime that takes a crazy idea and spins it into a wholesome masterpiece. Teenage prodigy Nasa has his whole life figured out until tragedy strikes and a car comes barreling at him. He is prepared to die until a girl moves in front of the vehicle and takes most of the blow unscratched. Instantly, he falls in love with her and with broken legs he walks up to her and asks for her number. She asks him one question in response, “Will you marry me?” Years pass since he agreed with no contact until one day she appears at his door with a marriage license. The idea of love at first sight is pushed to the limit in this show, and it leaves viewers with a smile on their faces. Watching Nasa and Tsukasa attempt to figure out marriage together is truly a sight to behold.

3. Josie The tiger and the Fish- This superiorly animated romance movie is guaranteed to make all viewers tear up. Josee is a girl with a passion for the sea and a crippling disability. She spends her life confined in a wheelchair until Tsuneo comes into her life. The Two share a passion for the sea and eventually for one another. This masterpiece is a must watch for those looking for a hidden gem.

2. Masamune Revenge- Fat and bullied as a kid, Makabe swore an oath to himself: He would become beautiful and popular just so he could get his revenge on his tormentor, Aki Adagaki. He was determined to reject her just as she rejected him all those years ago. Watch Makabe’s plan unfold as he attempts to get her to fall in love with him, just so he can shut her down.

1. Darling in the Franxx- This Sci-Fi, mech romance series is one of the most well-known romance anime in recent years. To protect humanity, society has created powerful mechs run by pilots, hypercharged by love. Follow the tale of Hiro’s attempt to save the world by pairing with the deadly and beautiful partner, Zero Two who could never keep a partner alive for more than three rides.

This list is filled with the best of animated romance stories to dive into this winter. Each one is filled to the brim with laughs, tears and a whirlwind of other emotions. Get a cup of hot chocolate ready and put one of these on for an experience you won’t forget.