Best Super Bowl games of all time


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The Lombardi Trophy: what each of these teams fought for.

Owen Gannaway, Sports Editor

In January of 1967, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first ever Super Bowl. Since then, there have been 55 more of these exciting championship games. Now, with the 56th Super Bowl brewing, here is a look back at five of the best Super Bowls in history.  

  1. Super Bowl XXV (1991): Giants 20, Bills 19

Located in Tampa, Fla. Super Bowl 25 marked the first of four trips to the Super Bowl for the Buffalo Bills. In this early matchup between the 13-3 Bills and the 13-3 New York Giants, the Giants dominated the ball, holding it for over 40 minutes of the game. However, the no huddle offense used by the Bills did not need much of the clock to score and made it a close game up to the end. With a handful of seconds left on the clock, the Bills kicked a game-winning, 47-yard field goal, just inches right. 

  1. Super Bowl XXXVI (2002): Patriots 20 – Rams 17

In this battle of legendary quarterbacks, Kurt Warner led his 14-2 Rams to their second Super Bowl appearance in three years. On the other side, Tom Brady, in his first year as a starter, made the trip with his 11-5 Patriots. The Rams came into the game as 14-point favorites, but that meant nothing to Brady. After losing a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter. With a minute and a half remaining and no timeouts, Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady marched his team down the field for the winning field goal.

  1. Super Bowl XLIX (2015): Patriots 28, Seahawks 24

Super Bowl 49 was a toss up game and featured the top offense in the league: Tom Brady and the 12-4 Patriots, against the “Legion of Boom,” the nickname given to the elite defense of the 12-4 Seahawks. Brady and the Patriots scored two touchdowns in the final quarter to overcome a 10-point deficit and go up 4. However, the Seahawks offense, led by quarterback Russel Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch, were on the Patriots’ one yard line and instead of giving the ball to Lynch, an unstoppable force, Wilson threw a pick and Patriots Cornerback Malcom Wilson became a hero. 

  1. Super Bowl LI (2017): Patriots 34 – Falcons 28

Super Bowl 51 was a wild matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The score was 21-3 Falcons at halftime, and out of the break, the Falcons added another touchdown to that. However, after scoring 25 unanswered points, Tom Brady once again led his team to a 34-28 Super Bowl victory in overtime. 

  1. Super Bowl XLII  (2008): Giants 17 – Patriots 14

In one of the biggest upsets in the history of the Super Bowl, 12-point underdogs, the 10-6 wild card New York Giants, handed the perfect 16-0 New England Patriots their first Super Bowl loss of the decade. Down 14-10, the Giants started their game-winning touchdown drive on their own 17-ard line with two and a half minutes remaining. After plays like David Tyree’s famous helmet catch and Steve Smith converting on third and 11, Plaxico Burress scored the winning touchdown on a 13-yard reception with 35 seconds remaining.

There have been many exciting and intense Super Bowls in the past. Although many football fanatics would argue that whatever Super Bowl playing is the best one, these are the top five best Super Bowls in history. Who knows, maybe the game this year between the Las Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will be added to that list?