Social committee set to change Turnabout name


Natalie Richmiller

Seniors Cecelia Fierce (left) and Alix Dalmasso (right) pictured at a school dance.

Natalie Richmiller and Will Fairman

For as long as most high school students remember, the Turnabout dance has been a play on role reversals where girls are meant to ask guys. It has also been the lowest attended dance in PV history. 

Within the past few years, some students have expressed that they did not feel comfortable going to the dance due to the pressure of having to find a date of the opposite sex. During her sophomore year, senior Cecelia Fierce opted for going with a friend rather than a date. “My boyfriend at the time lived out of town and I didn’t feel comfortable going with another guy but I also didn’t want to miss out on the experience,” she said. Fierce also mentioned how it was strange being the only pair in the group that was not girl and guy. 

The social committee recently made the decision to change the name to Spring Formal to encourage more students to attend. It also takes away the pressure of gender roles and allows for students to go in groups with friends, regardless of gender. Social Committee Adviser and Spanish teacher Kathryn Buchter commented on the decision, stating how, “We wanted everyone to feel included and invited. This is not a couples-only event. And we wanted to eliminate the pressures of asking someone as a date.”

The concerns expressed in Buchter’s comments are noticeably more prevalent among lowerclassmen as well. Needless to say, high school is a time where individuals undergo a whirlwind of physical, emotional, social, and educational changes. Freshmen and sophomores are tasked with finding their early identities, and what friends they may make or lose along the way is subject to change. While the duty of asking someone to a dance seems menial, the fear of rejection or the awkwardness of navigating early, potential romances is death-defying for many young high-schoolers. The goal of rebranding as the Spring Formal, where Buchter urges all students to, “Come with friends, a date, or a group,” should work to eliminate any stresses pre-dance planning may offer.

Overall, Buchter hopes, “…more students will be encouraged to come and have a great time being together.” After all, this is what school dances are all about: the student body coming together for a night of socializing, dancing, and relaxation.