The Return To Sports: Pushing Past Injuries

Tiger Woods returned to golf after suffering an injury that almost ended his career.

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Tiger Woods returned to golf after suffering an injury that almost ended his career.

Bryce Rubel, Multimedia Manager

On April 7, Tiger Woods took to the golf course again despite several surgeries and almost having his leg amputated. 

Woods has had four back surgeries since 2014 as well a scary crash that left the sports world in shock. In February of 2021, Woods was involved in a car crash where he had to be lifted out of his car by the “jaws of life.” Following the crash, doctors feared he would never walk again and might need his leg amputated.

Woods pushed through the rehab process and was cleared to make an appearance in the golf world again. At the most famous tournament of the year, Woods returned and made the cut for the final two days. Although he did not come out on top, his return to golf has been anything but insignificant.

Many professional athletes as well PVHS student athletes are also prone to injury from the amount of training their sports require. This past season, senior quarterback Barrett Lindmark suffered a shoulder injury that postponed the start of his senior football season. “It sucked having to sit out especially [it] being my senior season, and I wanted every moment to count,” he said. “However, knowing I had a chance to come back and play still gave me hope and determination to get back to my normal self.” 

Lindmark stayed true to his word as he battled back from his injury. He was able to lead the Spartans to the quarter finals before they fell short to the West Des Moines Valley Tigers.

The tennis team also took a hit as one of their best players had a hiccup. Senior Jake Dolphin is a tennis star for the Spartans who recently dealt with an injury limiting his performance that so many athletes seem to face. Dolphin’s rotator cuff had become overworked from the amount of training he put into the sport. “The pain was extremely annoying because basic movements when hitting the ball just did not feel right,” he said. “Recovering from the injury took a little bit but once I was ready to play at 100% again I felt stronger than before.” Despite an injury coming from a necessary movement in tennis, Dolphin was able to work through the setback and return stronger than ever. He is now ranked as one of the best players in the state and hopes to lead his team to a state title this year. 

As athletes train to improve their skills, the risk of injury never leaves the picture. Injury surrounds the sports world and puts limitations to an individual’s season. The road to recovery is long and often difficult, but it is what makes sports worthwhile. The sight of an athlete coming back from injury drives the devotion from fans. The air was rich with excitement and joy as one of the most famous golfers, Tiger Woods, stepped onto the golf course again this month.