Hollywood glamor at a returning prom experience


Max Titov

Students enjoying their night at a school dance

Ryan Vance, Business Manager

This year, PV’s Hollywood golden glamor prom dance is back at the RiverCenter. Located in downtown Davenport, the event center is where prom has traditionally been held for the school. For the last two years, COVID has caused the center to be unavailable. The shift back to the venue is just one of the many signs that life may be returning to normal.

Spanish teacher Kathryn Buchter played a role in coordinating prom at the RiverCenter. “I hope that by returning to the RiverCenter, we can make the night more elegant and special for the upperclassmen,” Butcher commented. The RiverCenter should be a much different experience than what attendees got last year in the high school gym.

Planned by the school, prom is from 8-10 p.m. on Saturday, May 7. The theme is Hollywood golden glamor, and all attending students are encouraged to partake. Spartan Assembly Adviser Zach Miller noted that students may have to park in a nearby parking garage, and should be prepared for a short walk to the event center. 

After the dance, the Parent-Teacher Association, PTA, plans the Right After Prom (RAP) afterparty. The afterparty is a schoolwide event that any upperclassmen can go to if they have purchased tickets. It is being held at the TBK Bank Sports Complex and Entertainment for the second year in a row. Students can attend both for a combo ticket of $40 or buy individual tickets for a slightly higher price.

The RAP afterparty goes from 11 p.m. until 2 a.m., meaning there is an hour break between the end of prom and the beginning of RAP. Students should utilize this time to go home and change into more comfortable clothes before heading to TBK. The venue offers activities as well as food for students to enjoy.

The PTA’s RAP coordinator Christina McNamara-Schmidt outlined many of the things to do there. “Activities will include laser tag, arcade games, bowling, a hypnotist and a magic show,” she said. “Students must enter by 11:30 pm. They can leave but cannot re-enter after leaving.” In order to be admitted in, students need to bring their RAP ticket and student ID.

The purchase of a RAP ticket will include raffle tickets to win prizes like, restaurant gift cards, hair salon package, electronics, a TV and more. Students must be present at the end of the night when the prizes are chosen in order to win. Throughout RAP, pizza, pop and chips will be available.

“This is the first time most students will get the full experience,” said Miller. He was a PV graduate and went to prom at the RiverCenter when he was a student in high school. Miller is very excited that the upperclassmen get to have both the dance and afterparty this year and hopes they will all make good choices. 

A dance without the precautions of COVID might help alleviate a little bit of stress before the end of the school year. Normalcy has been in short supply recently and maybe this dance will be an experience everyone forgot was needed.