Most popular prom dresses


Paris Fietsam, Social Media Manager

With prom right around the corner, many people are struggling to find the perfect dress for them. Some people already have dresses, some people are not worried about it, and some people are running around looking for one. While everyone has their own style and taste, there are some dresses that are always seen on many girls.

1. The princess gown

The princess gown has always been very popular. Big poofy dresses with any type of design on it are loved and can make anyone feel like a princess on their prom night. These dresses are so popular because they can come in so many different ways, just with huge poofy skirts. 

2. The sparkle explosion

People always either love or hate sparkles. However, dresses that are completely covered in sparkles are seen often at prom dances. These can be found in any color and any style; tight, loose, straps, strapless, or more. 

3. The strapless

Strapless dresses have always been very popular, and the variance of strapless dresses now make them increasingly popular. Now more than ever, dresses with a slit in them are especially popular, which can often be seen in strapless dresses. Strapless dresses are so popular because with an open neckline, people can dress them up anyway they want. Strapless dresses leave more options for hair because it looks good with hair up or down and any necklace can be worn because the eye is drawn to them due to an open clavicle.

4. The basic straps

While some people love super big dresses with lots of flowers and sparkles, plain dresses are also very popular. There are always many people who have varying styles of the plain dress with thin straps. These dresses are very popular because they come in so many forms. They can be tight or loose or be any color.

5. The two piece

Two-piece dresses get more popular every single year, especially as crop tops gain popularity. Recently, people have been loving the cropped top with a long skirt as a prom dress. These can have poofy skirts or be tight at the bottom. Also, the two-piece dresses have many different types of necklines.