Why people love supporting local coffee shops, despite the financial burden


Sidney Brockmann

Dunn Brothers coffee is a QC favorite where many enjoy socializing and studying in an inviting environment.

Sidney Brockmann, Social Media Manager

The billion-dollar coffee industry is one that continues to grow and flourish as coffee is not only just a source of caffeine, but a culture. Many rely on coffee every day to get their caffeine fix, but if it was truly just about the caffeine, there would be no need for dozens of coffee shops in every city — people would just make their daily coffee from a machine at home.

Finance experts encourage their followers to make coffee at home daily, claiming some could save over $1,000 a year with this habit. If invested wisely, the value of the money saved could multiply into much more in later years. Despite the opportunity cost, people still enjoy $4 to $8 lattes daily from their favorite coffee shops.

Senior Maya Maynard enjoys coffee shops weekly. “The atmosphere actually helps me study and is very welcoming; when I go to study or do homework at a coffee shop I get way more done than I would at my house,” Maynard said. “It’s also just a nice place to catch up with friends or family.”

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to splurge on a cup of joe. Even if they can make the same exact thing at home, they may not want to take the time to make it or wash possible dishes. 

Another reason many may not make coffee at home is to support a local business. When people buy coffee from a local shop, they are supporting a family within their community and therefore reinvesting their money back into their community rather than giving it to large corporations.

There are over a dozen different local coffee shops in the QC, all appreciated for different reasons. Redband Coffee is known for their famous egg sandwiches, while Atomic has taken the QC by storm with their energy drinks and 392 is known for their upbeat and social atmosphere. 

Despite the thriving coffee shops in the QC, senior Chloe Isbell prefers making coffee at home in order to save a bit of money. “A coffee from a coffee shop everyday adds up in the long run,” she said. “Plus, by mostly drinking coffee from home, coffee from a coffee shop is like a special treat.”

Spending extra money on coffee may seem a bit absurd when it adds up to thousands. However, a coffee from a local shop is something many still treasure because after all, it is not just about the coffee.