Best places to fish in the QC


Ryan Vance

A small fish caught by a PV student on the Mississippi River.

Ryan Vance, Business Manager

During the height of the pandemic, fishing became much more popular among teenagers, but many did not know where to fish. Fishing is a hobby that takes years to master, and there is always more to learn. There are many good spots in Bettendorf, even without the Mississippi. 

Crow Creek Quarry

The quarry is a body of water that is located inside of Bettendorf’s Crow Creek Park. The Quarry is deeper in the park, and some residents do not know it has fish to offer. It is a great starting place for eager fishermen because of the small fish and shallow waters. There are not many big fish in the quarry, and those who do catch them may not throw them back. 

Pigeon Creek pond

The pond is located right off of Middle Rd. and Hopewell Ave. It is a similar situation to the quarry at Crow Creek park. There are not very many big fish in the small pond, but it is another spot to fish in the area. It is okay to use lighter fishing line in areas like this, where fish are generally smaller and will put up less of a fight.

Middle Park Lagoon

This Lagoon is even more shallow than Crow Creek and the pond. It is often fished in by younger kids accompanied by their parents. There are not many large fish there, if any at all. Lures should not be used here, because most fish will not even be able to bite it. Small hooks and worms are some of the best bait to use at the park.

Duck Creek 

This is a large creek running through Bettendorf and Davenport. This is a location where larger fish are more likely to be found. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass are known to be caught here. Because it is a creek instead of a small lake, larger fish are more likely to be found. There will be more success with larger bait, like lures, here than in any of the previous locations- though live bait like worms are never bad to use.

Lost Grove Lake

Lost Grove is a lake outside of Bettendorf. It is one of two spots on the list that can be fished in with a boat, the second body of water of course being the river. Fishermen can catch much larger fish in Lost Grove Lake than in places like Duck Creek, as fish are more likely to become larger before being caught and kept. It is a great location for someone looking to catch some larger fish.

Mississippi River

The River is one of the best spots in the area to fish. Near Cordova, there is a fish hatchery (more info here) that stocks both walleye and hybrid striped bass every year. But there are many more different species of fish in the river than any of the previous locations as well. There are many spots to cast along the bank and lots of opportunities to make big catches.

Fishing is a common hobby in Bettendorf, if done right it can provide both food and fun. Fishing may be the answer for someone looking for a new summer hobby. Starting is the hardest part of any habit. Picking up a pole and casting at any of the spots is a great start.