Top Bollywood Movies


Some of the best Bollywood movies produced.

Atharv Neema, Business Manager

3 Idiots

The story of Three college friends will take the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions. The main characters show different parts of India and their various problems in the schooling system. The clever protagonist is a successful engineering student who breaks the study norms but still does the best in the university. The movie gives us many life and social messages to follow our dreams. 

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

A fun adventure between 3 friends through the streets of Spain encapsulated its viewers through drama, romance, and comedy. The three friends’ unknown history and search for solutions to personal problems make the movie comedic with a proper balance of drama.


An inspirational story about two sisters who grew up in a small village in India, the movie encapsulates the sister’s journey to be the best women wrestlers in the country. 


A Hindi comedy, Housefull is a movie series with four parts. All four movies have similar plots, which revolve around marriage and three main protagonists. These protagonists go through many funny challenges to reach their goal of being rich and famous through marriage. Acted by some of the best Indian comedic actors in the industry, Housefull is a must-watch if you are looking for a good laugh.  

Munna Bhai MBBS 

Showing the Indian stereotype of parental pressure to be a doctor. Munna is a criminal in Mumbai who lived a false reality of being a fake doctor for his parents until his lies were uncovered. After seeing his parents’ disappointment, Munna goes to Medical school. The story revolves around Munnas comedy and sentimental experiences in medical school. 

Golmaal 3 

Similar to Housefull, Golmaal is a Bollywood comedy. The story revolves around two families with single parents and three adopted children. Both families had an ongoing rivalry through different businesses, but as they grew closer, they realized their similarities. 


PK is an alien from another planet who came down to earth to research human society for his planet. He makes fruitful relationships through his journey while encountering religion. Questioning the business of religion, he identifies the flaws in today’s religions and how its monetized.