Top 10 Top 10s


Daniel Marshall


Daniel Marshall, Multimedia Manager

Across all social media, there are countless “Top 10” articles written to see which items are a cut above the rest, but have you ever seen a “Top 10” within a “Top 10”? Though one may call it ‘Top 10-ception,’ here is a list of the top 10 “Top 10” lists from the Spartan Shield.

Top 11 Non-Teen Romantic Comedy Movies

Have you ever found yourself at a loss on what to watch after binging all of the latest rom-coms? Step out of your comfort zone with this list of the top Romantic Comedies featuring characters who surpassed adolescence. The adult world is said to be a mysterious place, so why not take a peek outside the high school curtain to discover how relationships are handled without the stereotypes?

Top 9 Most Anticipated Video Games

As electronic devices have become common in every household, it is no surprise that the video game industry is also on the rise. This list covers some of the hottest games that are being talked about on various social media platforms. Whether you prefer unleashing your inner chaos or becoming one with nature, this list has you covered.

Top Senior Pranks

Being a senior at PV can be tough, with the greatest task being to outdo the previous class on Senior Prank Day. If you want to make your generation’s high school legacy heard, consider reading a few pointers from the best. The class of 2023 is still scheming their own senior prank, so the fate of PVHS can only be determined when that day comes. Of course, everything will be in good faith… right?

Top 4 Burrito Restaurants in the Quad Cities

You can never go hungry in the Quad Cities with all the great Mexican food to save the day. In this list, you will find some of the most highly rated burrito restaurants in the area. After finding itself on countless tables, the burrito is an iconic dish in America. If your mouth is starting to water at the thought, perhaps you should consider visiting some of these places. 

Top 7 Jobs for Busy High Schoolers in the QC

While some would like to entertain the thought, the reality is that no one can be a kid forever. Getting a job is the next step after school in modern America, and acquiring work experience while away from class can be beneficial down the line. Here is a list of some of the top jobs for high school students in the Quad Cities. If you or a friend is considering the prospect of working while in high school, consider this quick read.

Top Seven Mobile Games

Sometimes, or maybe all the time, class can be a bore. Instead of listening to important information from a teacher or coach, why not play a mobile game instead? This list covers some of the most popular games that can be freely accessed on mobile devices. Although commonly joked about, maybe these games are better when played outside of school

Top 5 Best Workout Split

Ever wanted to become the next Eddie Hall or Arnold Schwarzenegger? This article will provide the first steps to success. In this day and age where countless people are still trapped inside their homes, why not spend some of that time getting shredded? Discover some of the top workout splits to optimize your training schedule.

Top 10 College Necessities

Transitioning to college can be stressful for millions of incoming freshmen, but there is no need to fret. In this top 10, dispel any fears with some of the most convenient items to bring along for the next four years. After reading, your dorm will feel like home, despite being all those miles away.

Top 5 Upcoming Albums of 2022

Are you getting tired of hearing the same Spotify playlist every day? Try refining your tastes after reviewing some of the most anticipated albums of 2022. In this list, you will find many different artists aspiring to bring your ears the experience of a lifetime. 

Top 5 Must-Have Super Bowl Snacks for the Big Game

The Super Bowl is the ultimate event for football fans. Of course, it would all be meaningless without the snacks. Whether you are just spending time with family or hosting a high stakes sports betting competition, this list details what you need to know to impress your watch party during the big Sunday night.