Top 7 Ways to Cope with Stress


Quinn Russell

Collage of some of the methods people use to cope with stress.

Quinn Russell, Design Manager

Stress is something that everyone struggles to face. High school is an overwhelming time in many people’s lives.Whether that be work, worrying about college, assignments, planning for events or relationships. Everyone deals with stress just a little bit differently, but these are the top 8 ways Pleasant Valley students cope.

Talking it Out

Talking to a close friend is a great way to free your mind from negativity. They can also provide insight into their past experiences or how to keep organized and de-stress. A trusting individual can give you sympathy, allowing you to be comfortable and at ease.


Baking some of your favorite sweets can give you a serotonin boost and get your mind off of the situation at hand. As the sweet, delectable smell fills your nose, many anxieties disappear. Plus, you’ll also have a delicious treat when finished! 


Reading  is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Get lost in the world of words, and allow your imagination to roam freely. You can indulge in your favorite topics, whether that be fiction, fantasy, or something else!And along with this, it is always beneficial to take a break away from technology, granting yourself a breath.

Making Schedules

Making schedules and plans is very important. You can see what needs to be completed ASP and what can be put off for a little bit. A schedule’s efficiency can help you become a more organized and well-put-together individual.

Watching Television

Watching some of your favorite comfort shows can help you reset.Relax and cuddle up on a comfortable bed or couch and unwind throughout the day. Watch an episode or two to get that initial load of stress off your shoulders. Afterward, you will feel motivated and ready to accomplish anything!


While sleeping may not help you finish your work, taking a quick nap to recharge benefits your overall productivity. An initial overwhelming feeling of stress lessens by taking time for yourself. High school students don’t get enough sleep as it is. 


Getting into the groove while listening to your favorite singers or bands is a great way to relieve stress. When listening to music, the brain creates dopamine,the happy hormone. So listening to your favorite tunes makes you a happier person.

Moving Your Body

Getting swole helps you relax! Two birds with one stone. A classic way to relieve stress is to move your body. Do some exercise, like running,  yoga to center yourself, a sport you enjoy or going to the gym. It pumps endorphins into your body, alleviating tension.