Top 5 Snacks to Buy at Kwik Star


Daniel Marshall

Never go hungry again with this list of the top 5 snacks to buy at Kwik Star.

Daniel Marshall, Multimedia Manager

Kwikstar establishes itself as more than just a gas station with its wide variety of products found in its convenience stores. Here are some of the best snacks to look for if you ever need to satisfy a craving.

Goetze’s Caramel Creams

Since 1985, Goetze’s Caramel Creams have historically been enjoyed by millions across America. Today, they can still be found on the shelves in this legendary convenience store. These candies typically consist of a chewy caramel exterior ring encompassing a sweet and sugary creme inside. If you find yourself with a major sweet tooth, this snack will surely leave you satisfied.

Valley Pop Popcorn

For those who prefer not to eat everything in one go, the popcorn made by Valley Pop is the perfect match. The popcorn is offered in an enormous 6.5 ounce bag, enough to last through a full movie and then some. As for the popcorn itself, each kernel is fairly flavorful with some being very buttery and salty, while others hold the breaks to balance out the taste.

Starburst Gummiburst

As the name suggests, this snack is bursting with flavor. If you see a couple of bags hanging from the racks, buy them all, because they will sell out fast. The exterior consists of a soft gummy serving as the housing for the bountiful juice inside, which possesses an intense sweet flavor that puts other candies to shame. Starburst Gummibursts may be the best snack on this list, if only they did not horribly stain your teeth after one serving.

Starburst Airs

Starburst can’t stop winning after their recent addition of Starburst Airs. This candy offers the traditional flavors of Starburst in a unique gummy with a consistency just firmer than a marshmallow. The gummies each look like tiny pillowcases, truly representing the air motif while the flavor sets in.

Peach Rings

A staple in the American diet, gummy peach rings are an exciting addition to the palate. The rings are large enough to cover the majority of one’s tongue, enabling a large burst of sweetness from the very start. The texture is what one expects from a gummy, with the only downside being that there is not enough of it.

The next time you come to fill that gas tank, consider dropping by the convenience store to try the items on this list. When facing a snack problem, Kwikstar always offers the tastiest solutions.