Selena Gomez documentary: “My Mind and Me”


Source: Apple Music

Selena Gomez has released a heartwrenching documentary about her life journey and struggles with mental health. She also dropped a single with the same title as the film.

Katy Babcock, Copy Editor

Selena Gomez’s childhood was unconventional by most standards. She started working at the age of nine when she was cast in Barney and Friends. In the following years, she maintained a steady acting career. At just sixteen, she signed a record deal with Hollywood Records and released three albums with her band, “Selena Gomez and the Scene.” Her solo career proved even more successful with several Hot 100 chart toppers. 

For the majority of her young life, Gomez tirelessly and constantly worked in the entertainment industry. Under such pressure, her mental and physical well-being took a toll. At 23 years old, she was battling anxiety, depression and lupus. 

While on tour for her second solo album Revival, she had a mental breakdown resulting in a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Shortly after, the tour was canceled. Gomez announced that she could not continue performing for the time being due to mental health concerns. 

Living in the spotlight for almost her whole life has brought Gomez a huge following. But for any celebrity, it also means constant skepticism. Whether it’s about her lifestyle choices, boyfriends, charity work or career, Gomez is no stranger to backlash. 

In 2021, she released a Spanish album titled “Revelación.” Gomez wanted to make a Latin-influenced album for ten years, but many deemed the sudden switch to reggaeton a clout-chasing endeavor. 

Pleasant Valley junior Margil Sanchez Carmona thinks differently. “[What] I see is an American-born Latina trying to reconnect with a community that she grew distanced from during her years in the American-pop industry,” said Carmona. 

Her recently released documentary, “My Mind and Me,” follows her over a six-year period, beginning with her bipolar disorder diagnosis. 

No longer focused on fame, Gomez turned to intrinsic motivation. The documentary highlights her journey to inward happiness after living off of material success for over a decade. 

The most striking aspect of “My Mind and Me” is the personal atmosphere it creates. Shots of Gomez at some of her lowest points startle viewers with a sense of intimacy. PV student Brie Howell enjoyed the film. “I appreciate Selena showing her vulnerability. It’s empowering to see someone as famous as her go through so much and come out stronger,” said Howell. 

Upon stepping out of the limelight, Gomez unearthed a passion for philanthropy and a distaste for materialism. Like most child stars, she had been taught to seek material success. 

In 2019, she flew to Kenya to visit a newly built school she had helped fund. There she was captivated by the profound simplicity of life— one without paparazzi and screaming fans. 

She left Kenya reluctantly, cherishing all she had learned from the young women there and hoping to return soon. 

People in the entertainment industry are constantly being replaced by newer, younger and prettier stars. The continuous cycle of discarding and regenerating celebrities has proved fatal to many. The greatest pitfall of stardom is when stars tie their self-worth to their fame and success. Deriving happiness from external sources is not a sustainable method of living. 

Unfortunately, society tends to assume the worst about celebrities. It is understandable to question the actions of the rich and famous, but too often people allow their questions to become assumptions with little to no basis in reality. Celebrities like Gomez may seem untouchable with their mansions and gigantic fanbases, however, “My Mind and Me” shows that is not true. 

Over the course of the documentary, Gomez discovers the importance of self-fulfillment. Such growth is a more viable lifestyle and can be pursued by helping others. “Not only is she growing herself, but she is also trying to make a difference in the world, which I really admire,” continued Howell. 

Realizing all her struggles were for a reason, Gomez set out on a mission to improve the world with the resources she has. Aside from advocating for the education of girls in Kenya, Gomez is fighting to influence national policy on mental health education.

“My Mind and Me” details the price she had to pay with achieving fame at such a young age. More importantly, it discusses how she turned her life around by doing things more worthwhile than trivial press tours.  

Gomez’s journey is far from over. She hopes to continue changing the world for the better by using her resources to support the causes she is most passionate about.