Pv senior athletes reach new heights pursuing collegiate sports


Myroslava Goodpastor

Pleasant Valley students sign to continue their athletic career at college at PV’s fall signing day.

Grace Sherman, Student Life Editor

Having a passion and pursuing given opportunities is becoming a standard for the 2023 senior class at Pleasant Valley. Sports are a large part of the high school experience and many are choosing to further their athletic ability. 

The class of 2023 has seen a jump in the athletes committed to playing at the collegiate level. As of late January, 35 athletes have already verbally committed or signed from Pleasant Valley in their dedication to their sport. Neighboring schools Bettendorf High School and North Scott High School have reported they have around 20 and 25 committed or signed, respectively. These numbers at PV continue to improve as the years go on, compared to last year’s 19 seniors. 

One of the reasons these numbers are increasing are due to the change in requirements. In previous years, a signing day was only held for those going to a NCAA Division I or II school; students not fit into these requirements were not recognized. Pleasant Valley Athletic Director D’Anne Kroemer explained, in 2018 these requirements changed allowing Division III, Ivy League, NAIA and some other levels to be eligible for signing day as well. “This is a great way for those athletes to be recognized for what they deserve,” she said. 

Additionally, athletes want to continue their passion at the next level. Having a constantly busy schedule and the competitive aspect is something football player Caden McDermott mentioned he is not ready to let go. “I have always been someone that likes to be busy and not just sitting around. Football has always been my favorite sport to watch and even more fun to play. Playing under the Friday night lights with my team has been a highlight of my high school experience and something I was not ready to walk away from,” McDermott shared. 

Many schools in the Quad Cities area are showing the same trends. Athletes have participated in sports their whole lives and are not ready to let go. This is eye opening for these schools to reflect on their coaching and the comfort they provide on their teams. The continued success these schools achieve in the MAC are changing these athletes’ views and dedication to continue onto the further level.

For many, sports are the passion they spend their spare time doing, like it is for PV senior varsity volleyball player Siena Roethler. “Volleyball has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I could not imagine being done after high school. I felt I have trained so much to just stop now. I knew I wanted to continue onto college because my love for the game continues to grow,” Roethler stated. 

As the year continues, more athletes will verbally commit to colleges across the country. These numbers are growing, with this year being an all time high since the pandemic. Athletics are becoming more competitive, and the students’ devotion for their sports are continuing to rise.