The trends from Netflix series Outer Banks have made an influence on teens’ lives.


Grace Sherman

On Feb. 23 season three of Netflix series Outer Banks was released, and many teens are being influenced with the trends that have followed.

Grace Sherman, Student Life Editor

From summer crop tops to bandanas, from Hawaiian t-shirts to every swimsuit imaginable, Outer Banks has been influencing teenage fashion trends for the past three years. 

As the world shut down and people were quarantined, in April 2020, the Netflix hit Outer Banks was released, soon becoming one of the most watched Netflix series among all age groups. Within the first four days of the latest season three being released on Feb. 23, 154 million hours were watched, achieving the title of the number one show on Netflix. 

Focusing on two different economic groups, the Pogues, the more middle to lower class, and the Kooks, the group coming from wealth, the series focuses heavily on the Pogues’ side of financial struggles and discrimination they face. Every year since, the lives these characters convey influence many teens and spark various interests. 

Outer Banks always seems to remind viewers about their adventurous side. Taking place in South Carolina, the warm weather and constant journeys has caused people to embrace the outdoors. They show perseverance and courage in order to get what they deserve and work for what they want all on their own. 

Season three of Outer Banks came out on Feb. 23, and senior Reagan Glaus binge watched all ten episodes that day. She has been a huge fan of the Outer Banks series and envies the lives of the characters, “I love the fact that they have the freedom to do whatever they want, and don’t seem to have to worry about daily teenage things. They get to be outside in the warm weather doing adventurous things and are always with each other,” Glaus shared.

The fashion of these characters has also had a huge impact on audiences. American Eagle has collabed with Outer Banks, selling clothes that are shown as vacay essentials. For both boys and girls, mix match outfits are displayed, creating these characters’ wardrobe looks of crop tops, swimsuits, bandanas and more. 

With spring break right around the corner, the show is influencing teens for vacation. The perfect beach lifestyle is something Katie Delcorso wants to accomplish and outfits play a huge role in recreating this aesthetic. “Leading up to spring break, the trends for outfits are what I try to find.” she said, “I go to stores like American Eagle, Holister, and even online shopping on Shein, to purchase clothes that fit the trends like, tank tops, jean shorts, flare pants, and matching sets have been in a lot of my shopping carts,” Delcorso said. 

As more viewers watch this show, the independent and free spirit the characters portray is influencing many teens. The relationships created, support for each other and determination is a story that hooks many teens, and falls more in love with the show.