Forging a New Senior Legacy


Courtesy of Senior Assassin Instagram

Senior Rachel Vonderhaar waits for her target Payten Rascher to assassinate.

Drake Hanson, Photo Manager

Senior traditions have ingrained into the culture of the graduating class in schools across the nation. This year’s high school graduates have many special senior traditions shared with other schools. Some of these traditions include senior pranks, senior skip day, senior sunrise, graduation parties, senior pictures, senior trips and signing day.

But recently, a new tradition has been founded. The game “senior assassin” has been trending on social media and has sparked a new tradition for seniors. The game involves a group of seniors that are placed into a bracket and have to eliminate their competitor by shooting them with a water gun. 

Participants are not allowed to shoot each other on school grounds, at work, churches, volunteer places, school events/practices or at graduation parties. One of the main requirements in this game is that you have to record yourself eliminating the other person, so that those videos can be posted on social media. 

This game is a light hearted and fun game for seniors that want to have a little more fun before they graduate. 

Olivia Rogers, one of the game’s organizers, explains why she thinks this new game has potential to carry on throughout the coming senior classes. “It brings the senior class closer together at the end of the year and I feel as if it’s a fun way to end the school year,” Rogers shared.

The cost to enter the senior assassin game this year was $5 per person. With over 100 people joining, the pot for the winner is $500+.

Senior Ella Jones is excited for the senior assassin games to begin. “I’m very excited to do one last thing as a whole senior class, I think it will be a fun way to end the year with everybody,” Jones stated.

The game started this past Sunday, May 7th, and over ten people have already been eliminated. 

This new game is bound to become one of the many popular senior traditions for years to come.