Senior traditions as the school year comes to a close


Sara Fierce

A group of senior girls takes on their final prom- a tradition that concludes the end of high school .

Ava Hahn, PV Only Editor

The end of the school year is an exciting time for all high schoolers, but it is a monumental time for seniors who will not be returning next year. End of the year traditions are a fun way to keep seniors engaged and excited about finishing off their high school years.

Upperclassmen look forward to prom all year as it marks the year coming to a close, and is a fun school event high in attendance. Not only do seniors spend the night enjoying dinner, dancing and attending afterparties, but they can look forward to senior skip day on Monday. Although it is not school mandated, and overall looked down upon by the administration, it is another event that is highly participated in. 

Threats of detention did not stop seniors from enjoying one of their last traditions of the year. Senior Sarah Kustes stated, “Senior skip day was so far one of my favorite traditions that I have gotten to participate in. Not only was it a fun day in general, but it brought together a bunch of different people that don’t usually get to hang out.”

The last few weeks of school also mark the anticipation of a senior prank. Although constrained by school rules, it is a tradition across the U.S. for high school seniors to think of a big final prank to the school. Last year’s seniors opted to torment the younger grades with a one sided water fight against underclassmen leaving school. 

PV alum Joey Borbeck was part of the senior prank that occurred last year. He stated, “The senior prank was a really fun way to bring the senior class together. It was pretty much harmless and we all had a lot of fun doing it.”

Pranks and skip days are a more frowned upon way of seniors enjoying their last few days, but a more wholesome tradition is senior sunset. The graduating class joins together on the football field or in a local park as one last goodbye to their highschool days. 

Kustes stated, “All of these traditions are a really great way to get the whole class together before summer starts. “It really feels like a kick off to the last summer of high school and a goodbye to PV.” 

The bittersweet final days of highschool are full of activities and traditions to make the memories of senior year last forever. Whether it is pranks or wholesome goodbyes, the class of 2022 is making every moment count.