Drought in the Valley

Terry Saul, Sports Editor

On Fri. March 3, 2017, water was lost in the valley due to construction, which has started on the new and upcoming additions planned to kick off in the spring. These interruptions were supposedly expected. “We were not surprised when the water went out,” said Mike Zimmer, principal of Pleasant Valley High School. The school district was prepared for this water outage. There is already a backup water tank on the opposite end of the school building. The tank will be used to manually flush toilets.

Principal Zimmer explained that this is just the beginning of the expected outages. Unfortunately, PVHS will be experiencing many more interruptions during the learning day, since the construction workers have to drill right through the lines for power, sewage, internet, water and the rest of the basic utilities.

Many are not fans of the construction starting in the spring. “It’s going to be a huge distraction to our learning environment if we keep having unplanned interruptions,” said Cecily Clark, senior. There have also been lots of complaints about the future parking lot dilemma, which will go into effect over spring break (the school district plans to destroy the east parking lot). It is uncertain where many people will park; “After they tear up the parking lot, there is going to be nowhere for us to park. We will have to walk half a mile just to get to class,” said Meghan Dixon, senior.
The construction is all for the multimillion project that the Pleasant Valley Community hopes to have done in the very near future.