Kappy is finally in action!

Kappy is finally in action!

Keshav Wagle, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s 1985 and a brand new game just released: Super Mario Bros. This idea is revolutionary, giving a definition to the term “video game”. This sets the standard for what a game should be in that time, after the tragedy that was the Atari. Fast forward to 1996, and they’ve done it again; Super Mario 64 has defined what a 3D platformer should be. This has never been done before, and it all comes from the same mind. Now, looking at the present, Nintendo has done it again in the latest entry in the Mario franchise: Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey was released for the Nintendo Switch on October 27th, 2017 and the most important thing to note when playing the game is how it takes all of the elements from past games in the franchise to make the best Mario game to date. First, this game keeps all of the elements that made Super Mario 64 a great game. From the way Mario is controlled to the open worlds created, it stays true to the roots from 64. However, while 64 didn’t have the best platforming sections in it, a later entry in the series, Super Mario Galaxy, gave the best 3D platforming out of any game. Odyssey takes these elements from Galaxy and puts them within the open worlds defined in 64.

Odyssey is not just living off of the success of its predecessors, because it has one element that is truly unique to Odyssey: Kappy. Kappy is Mario’s hat which acts as his main “power-up” throughout the adventure. Not only can Kappy be thrown at enemies to defeat them, but he can be thrown at different creatures in order to take over their body. Mario is then transported into the body of whatever he captures, and then receives the ability of that particular creature. One of the best capture abilities comes near the beginning of the game when Kappy can be thrown at a Tyrannosaurus Rex, allowing Mario to wreak havoc on his enemies. The only problem with the game is the lack of penalty if Mario dies. When he dies, the player just loses ten coins. Usually, there is a “life” system in 3D Mario games and when all lives are lost, a “Game over” screen is shown. However, there is practically no penalty for dying in Odyssey, making it slightly easier than a game like 64 or Galaxy.    

Overall, Super Mario Odyssey is a must-have game for any Nintendo Switch owner. Its unique abilities with Kappy to the overall level design are quite creative and special, and Nintendo has defined the modern platformer as they did twenty years ago.