Loss to Linn Mar brings PV’s volleyball season to end

The girls volleyball team poses for a picture

Ashlee Kwak, Social Media Manager

PV girls’ varsity volleyball served up a great season.

The Pleasant Valley girls’ volleyball team started off strong with a 3-2 win against Davenport Central, and drove hard for the MAC title against Linn-Mar but had a tough 4-1 loss to end their season on Nov 3.

Before the season even started, the team attended open gyms and trained in order to prepare for the season. Everyday, they worked hard to achieve their goals for the season.

For their first game, the varsity girls took down Davenport Central, which was a great projection of how their season would play out.

Throughout their season, they had their ups and downs. The team ended their season with a record of 13-5-0, which was very impressive and well earned. Senior Kara Neuhaus said, “I thought we had an outstanding season. Even though it didn’t quite end how we had hoped, we improved a lot from where we began and developed a strong team bond.”

Every girl on that team is very passionate about what they do and how they do it, which could be part of the reason why they all mesh together so well. They all wanted to win and to do that, it required everyone working their hardest at the same goal.  

Varsity is going to be losing 3 seniors this year: Adrea Arthofer, Beth Peterson and Kara Neuhaus. All of them contributed a lot to the team and season as a whole with their hard work and their leadership mindsets. Starter Adrea Arthofer said, “I think the season went really well, and we did a good job growing as a team and performing above what was suspected.” As a senior, it’s very hard sometimes to get a team to come together and perform successfully, but all three seniors did a good job pursuing that task.

It’s also difficult for seniors to comprehend that it is their last high school season of volleyball. Kara Neuhaus expressed her feelings and said, “It still hasn’t really hit me that it’s fully over, but I’m so grateful for the four years I got in this program. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!”

Losing seniors is hard for any sports team, and luckily for the varsity Volleyball team, they have prepared the incoming seniors extremely well for next season.


Emily Wood ’21 and Beth Peterson ’19 do a special handshake to get pumped up before their game on the road to state.
Sarah Hoskins ’20, Emile Wood ’21, Kora Ruff ’22, Erica Brohm ’20, and Claire Bebow ’20 encourage each other in between plays the midst of a tight game.
Claire Bebow ’20 digs a ball while Sarah Hoskins ’20 covers her from the side. The two work together on defense to ensure as few balls drop as possible.
Adrea Arthofer ’19 is at the peak of her approach’ ready to spike the ball and earn another point for her team.
After a spike by their teammate, Adrea Arthofer ’19, Claire Bebow ’20, and Emily Wood ’21 celebrate another point won after Arthofer’s impressive attack.
Kora Ruff ’22 and Erica Brohm ’20 may differ in age and height, but they use the teamwork they have built throughout the season to successfully block a hit together.
Erica Brohm ’20 spikes around a block in order to earn a point for her team during a tight match.
Ericas Brohm ’20 jumps in excitement after spiking the ball and winning the point after a long rally. Her teammates Emily Wood ’21, Claire Bebow ’20, Adrea Artofer ’19, and Kora Ruff ’22 gather to celebrate with her.
Cheers erupt from the sideline as players on the bench applaud after a point is won. Sunny Wolfe ’20 kicks her leg up with enthusiasm.
The team huddles for one last cheer after their game. Although the season is over, the bonds and memories made will last for many years.