Smart shopping during the holiday season


Caroline Carlson

Only things shoppers need to bring while shopping during the holidays.

Caroline Carlson, Arts and Entertainment editor

With Christmas coming up soon many people are rushing out to buy gifts for family members and friends as soon as possible. A lot of people have to buy multiple presents for all of their friends and family and it can become pricely. There are a lot of gifts that people forget about that are below 20 dollars and still have the same value as an expensive gift.

With the weather being so cold and snowy around Christmas, one great gift would be mittens and hats in order to keep people warm. Mittens would also really help people when they scrape their cars in the morning because it makes it easier. Another gift that would keep people warm, and that are becoming more popular, are cabin socks. Cabin socks are fuzzy socks that can keep someone’s feet warm no matter how cold it gets. At the local Dicks store in Davenport one can find them for under 20 dollars and they are even buy one get one free!

Another great gift idea to keep people cozy around the holidays are pajama pants and blankets. Everyone can use another pajama set or blanket because they always keep people warm no matter how cold it is. One can find these items at almost any store for a cheap price and a great present. Karleigh Nading, a current junior, stated “My favorite gift to get is comfy clothes because I can never have too much of them and they are nice to wear around the house.”

For someone who doesn’t need any new clothes or blankets, one can even buy them new keychains for their keys and new lanyards for teenagers. One thing a lot of people lose around the house are their keys and they often are running around the house searching for them so they aren’t late to work or school. Keychains and lanyards help with that and they make everyone’s keys look more exciting and add style to them. Macie Skahill, current sophomore, said “I just got a car and at first I didn’t have a lanyard on my keys. I kept losing them so I put a lanyard on and now I always know where they are. They would especially make a great gift for teenagers.”

Lastly, for those people who are hard to get gifts for, a simple 20 dollar gift card to their favorite place is always a good gift. Nading also stated “I would rather pick something out myself with the money than get something I don’t like. It makes it easier for everyone.” If one is simply out of time getting gifts for everyone, a gift card can do its justice.

The holiday season can be stressful when choosing out gifts but just remember to be smart and choose the cheapest item with the most value!