Improv improves their lineups for next year


Brenner Stickney

Ryan Anderson is excited to join his new improv team, Hatrick.

Brenner Stickney, Business Manager

The three varsity improv teams, Hatrick, Wacit, and Kakistocracy, held tryouts to replace the seniors who are leaving each team. In total, five spots were filled.

Trying out for improv is much different than trying out for a sport or other theatre production. Students who come to try out are not judged by how fast or how hard they hit a ball, nor how well they can memorize lines with emotion.

A lot of improv is about the team dynamic, and a good feeling comes from teammates who work well together. For this reason, during tryouts, teams’ returning members participate in improv scenes and games with the those trying out to see if they get along well. The returning members look for people who are willing to go out of their comfort zone and make a show more enjoyable for a crowd.

The returning member for Hatrick is Matt Bolin. He chose two sophomores, Ryan Anderson and Erica Heiselman, as his new teammates. Heiselman was on the JV team this year, and Anderson is new to the improv scene. This will be the first time in the team’s history a female with be a part of the three-person team.

Bolin is excited for this upcoming year’s team but sad to see his old teammates leave. “Overall I’m looking forward to the new team. I feel like it’s going to be a great year with the new members,” he said. “I feel as a whole we will work well together, but not as well as this year’s team.”

Although Kakistocracy did not have any seniors, they are adding a member to their three-person team. Sophomore Mason Barnes will join Siobhan Morley, Jared Jones, and Lola Johannsen. Barnes was this year’s Board Guy, the other host of improv night with Francis Dunbar, so he is used to the improv scene. He is excited to join a varsity team and participate in competitions.

Seniors Jimmy Guest and Odin McDonald are leaving the final varsity team, Wacit. Leah Sanders and Rachel Schwarz chose Ian Olderog and Taze Wilson as their new teammates. “I’m super pumped to be able to compete at State with a new group of improvers. I’m also looking forward to learning and growing as a team,” said Wilson.

Although the seniors are sad to be leaving Pleasant Valley Improv, they are confident in how well their new teams can do for upcoming years. “I am so excited to see how much the new Wacit team improves,” said Guest.