To skip or not to skip: where the consequences lie


Photo taken by Natalie Murphy

Seniors question whether to participate in skip day or not.

Natalie Murphy, News Editor

With Prom falling on a Saturday at the beginning of May, many wonder how seniors will spend the following Monday.

The infamous senior skip day could be defined as a day off for the senior class, especially after the late hours of Prom. Some elect to participate while others feel strongly against it.

With students participating every year, the school administration took precautions to sway students away from skipping school. Especially for athletes, the consequences are large if a student-athlete skips school. Consequences can be as large as missing multiple events after skipping.

As a varsity golfer, senior Lauren Groenenboom knew skipping was not the choice for her. “I had been directly told my Mrs. Kroemer and my coach that if I participated in senior skip day I would not have been able to compete in my next meet. I would never jeopardize my teammates’ success for my own benefit, as I hope they would do the same for me.”

Senior skip day is not only a day for seniors to skip but also an opportunity for seniors to do something together, even at the expense of fully accepting the consequences.

For many seniors, whether it be the designated senior skip day or not, most students have their parents call them out of school for various reasons, often times due to an “illness”. Part of the students skipping was that they would willingly accept the consequences, such as a detention.

Senior Julia Hillman feels the day is not worth it. “I think senior skip day is kind of dumb because theoretically, you can have your parents call you out of school on any day. I’d rather just go to school so I do not get behind on homework,” Hillman said.

So as the class of 2020 comes closer to this annual ritual, it would be in their best interest to weigh the options as a student, and if you truly want to skip class, fully accept the consequences that will come with it.