First Fall choir concert


Preksha Kedilaya

Chamber Choir members Ciyanna Wilson, Preksha Kedilaya and Holyn Doran pose at the reception that followed the fall choir concert.

Grace Halupnik, Multimedia Manager

The choirs kicked off the 2019-2020 school year with their first ever fall concert on Sept. 30th, after having just over a month to audition and practice for their performance. 

In years past, the choirs split up for fall performances, with the choir Pleasant Valley singers taking part in the SIngers Unite Festival and Women’s Ensemble and Chamber Choir participating in Metro Choral Festival. This year they instead held a home concert in the theatre, so all of the choirs could sing together at one event.

There were many factors that went into deciding to create one large group concert. Making a fall concert meant students did not have to miss class to attend the festivals, directors could choose their own pieces to perform, and the audience could hear all of the choirs. It also allowed students and teachers alike to feel less rushed because directors chose literature and a number of songs that fit the preparation time frame.

The decision also bonded the choir as a whole. “Our choirs learn to form a cohesive ensemble right from the start of the year, rather than being a part of a large, several hundred member festival choir, where they might not feel as individually responsible for their sound,” said choir director Meg Byrne.

The fall concert was kept to just an hour long and had a reception afterward where the audience and performers could buy s’mores kits to raise money for the choir program. It was shorter than other concerts during the year so that all of the choirs could be on one program.

Despite having only about a month to prepare, Byrne felt the concert was a huge success and students all felt ready to perform. Chamber Choir member Liv Schilling also was proud of the performance and enjoys participating in choir. “What I love about choir is that it’s literally a class where I get to do what I love most. The environment is super inviting and everyone is just super fun,” said Schilling. 

Byrne is passionate about choir performances. To her, they are a way to connect the student body and the community as well as empower singers. She said, “Musicians perform as a means of artistic expression, and many find performance to be a transformative experience as they create something they never have before.”