How students are benefitting from businesses through social media


Caitlin Crome

Senior Caitlin Crome representing Iowa at Miss Americas’s Outstanding Teen 2020 in her dress from Stacy’s Prom in Urbandale, Iowa.

Brooke Goy, Copy Editor

Many students struggle with the expenses of clothes and accessories. “My prom dress was $400. I don’t regret it, but I wish I could’ve paid less,” exclaimed senior Belle Bormann. In order to counter the costs of their favorite products, some students have become “ambassadors” for various companies.

Ambassadors are authorized representatives for companies. To better understand the concept, take a look at senior Evin Ersan. As seen on his Instagram, Ersan is a representative of Plato’s Closet in Davenport, and as a result earns rewards and giveaways in exchange for bringing exposure to the business on social media. 

Ersan’s Instagram post premiering his deal with Plato’s gives perspective on the capabilities of an ambassador. “…With Plato’s Closet sponsoring me, I can now bring you guys some exclusive opportunities on my Instagram page including but not limited to: giveaways, prizes, deals, and more…” he shared in an Instagram post.

Peaches Boutique is a store in Chicago popular with PV students which sells high-end dresses targeted towards young people. Junior Maddie Hamborg is an ambassador for the shop, and she periodically posts discounts and dresses on her Instagram story. In her bio, she promotes a $10 off a dress deal.

According to the Peaches website, in order to visit the location, shoppers are recommended to fill out a pre-registration form which insures another shopper from the same school will not buy the same dress. Peaches also asks that prior to coming, girls come with a wishlist of dresses they are interested in. The store sells designer brands of dresses, and Hamborg is receiving discounts on any dress she may want to wear because of her advertising.

Senior Caitlin Crome has a plethora of experience with dresses from her many pageants and her crowning of Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen 2019. “I really enjoy being sponsored by a store up in Des Moines called Stacey’s. I was able to pick the perfect gown for my national pageant and borrow different pieces all during my year,” she said. 

Crome also receives benefits from Stacey’s for her school dance dresses. She states, “The staff is always welcoming and super helpful,” and for that reason, she has had a lot of success with the company. With a little social media promoting, Crome wears Stacey’s dresses at each of her pageants.

The idea may sound far-fetched, but endorsing a company on social media is simple and can have a lot of payoff. Students at PV as well as around the country are participating in the new idea of being an ambassador.