5 Ways to stay motivated for online schooling


Carter Cline

Senior Carter Cline is productively completing online schoolwork.

Regan Denny, PV Only Editor

As Pleasant Valley high school students transition to online schooling, motivation to keep our grades up and turning assignments in on time is dwindling. Nearing the last month of our school year and senioritis does not help with this issue either. Here is a listicle including five ways to stay motivated during online learning.

  1. Make a schedule

Creating a routine to complete schoolwork is an excellent way to keep up with all of your assignments. In fact, it can help create good habits to keep us productive and it helps us reach our goals. Sticking to a set routine can also eradicate bad working habits as well.

       2.  Take breaks

Overworking yourself can lead to tiredness and being worn out. If you’re worn out from doing too much at one time, it can actually cause you to procrastinate your homework even further. Short breaks between classwork to get a snack, do some stretching, or getting fresh air can improve your mood and give your brain time to unwind.

       3.  Spread out the workload

As previously stated, doing too much homework at once can cause you to feel burnt out. This can increase your stress levels and put you in an overall bad mood. Putting too much stress on yourself to complete your assignments in one sitting can even cause physical pain like headaches or backaches. Make a plan to spread out your class assignments throughout the entire week.

       4.  Reward yourself

Holding yourself accountable for all classwork, tests and homework is a difficult task. Make sure to reward yourself every once in a while for getting a good grade on a study guide, quiz, or for simply completing some homework problems. You can reward yourself with a treat or an activity that you like doing.

       5.  Finish the year strong

Instead of blowing off the end of the year since it’s nearing summertime; finish the year with a bang. Use the fact that school is so close to being done as motivation to keep moving forward. Try to increase your GPA or create a spectacular project. After all, we do have a lot of extra time on our hands to do our work.