7 Things to build in Minecraft when you’re bored


Elise Johnson

Senior Cienna Pangen shows off the rollercoaster she made in Minecraft.

Elise Johnson, Arts and Entertainment Editor

With the quarantine adding a lot of extra time into our lives, it’s easy to get pretty bored. There’s nowhere to go and no people to see, so Minecraft works really well in that you can kill hours of time and also play with your friends as well. Here are 7 things you and your friends can build in Minecraft to help kill some more time during your quarantine.

  1. A roller coaster

A roller coaster is a good time-consuming project, depending on how intricate you want the roller coaster to be. You can make it as short or as long as you want, and you can take it through lots of cool places. Spend some time making a roller coaster and then force your friends to ride it.

  1. A treehouse

Treehouses are really cute things you can build in Minecraft. It’s fun to make a cute treehouse with a bed, a chest, and some decorations just to have something aesthetically pleasing in your world.

  1. Your dream mansion

There are endless possibilities with this option. Whatever you could ever dream of to be in a house, build it. You could build an in-home movie theater, bowling alley, secret room, pools, or whatever else you want. It’s easy to go crazy with.

  1. A city

This one can be a very time consuming one, but in the end, it always looks really cool and is fun to go through. You could make a city of skyscrapers or a suburban city like Bettendorf with neighborhoods — whatever you want your city to look like.

  1. A new biome

Minecraft already creates a ton of biomes for users to enjoy for variety, like the plains, oceans, deserts, jungles, and more, but try to make a new one make your world even more interesting.

  1. Remake any buildings you go to in real life

Whether it be your house, your school, the gym or any other place, it’s fun to try and see how close you can get to recreating a place you go to all the time.

  1. An underground home or city

It’s fun to create a lot of cool things to show off on the surface, but make something gigantic under the ground that nobody can see from above.