10 Things You Need At Your Graduation Party

As the countdown to graduation begins, many seniors are preparing for their graduation party.


As the countdown to graduation begins, many seniors are preparing for their graduation party.

Ilah Perez-Johnson, Sports Editor

      1.  Cute Invitations 

This one might be the most obvious but a necessity! Sending out invites is a more formal way of inviting someone to a very important moment in life. Places like Shutterfly, Walgreens, and even from a printer at home can create great invitations.

      2.  Places to Sit 

If guests are sticking around for a while they might not want to stand the whole time. So get some tables and chairs and decorate them! Flood the table with a cute table cover and pictures!

      3.  Food 

While a graduation party will probably last around two hours, guests might get bored! So provide different foods, some sweet and some savory. 

      4.  Drinks

Serve drinks like water, soda, lemonade, and maybe even something for the people 21 and older.

      5.  Photo Decor 

Have either a scrapbook or poster board filled with high school memories or pictures of growing up! It’s a good thing to have to show off any exciting memories captured on camera. Either has the printed pictures out or even a slideshow to put on a computer or TV (depending on if your party is inside, outside, or both). 

      6.  Graduation Balloons

Having balloons is a great and easy way to add a little decor to the party. Balloons are cheap and super cute. Either get some with the graduation year on it, your name, your high school colors, or even your college colors. There are so many ways you could use balloons!

      7.  A Clever Place to hold Money/Cards 

Using simple things like a small basket, bucket, or finding a cool way to place the cards you might be receiving is a cute and easy way to decorate your tables. 

      8.  A Place for Guests to Sign Their Name 

Adding this to a table is another easy and meaningful way to decorate your party. Having a picture frame or book for people to sign and leave messages could be really cool to look back on and remember all of the people who came to a very important party. 

      9.  Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane 

Including a table of memories- either memory created in sports, band and many other activities will be a cool way to show everyone what you were involved in and displaying your hard work. 

      10.  Picture Station 

Having a fun place to take pictures with everyone will not only add decor to your party but create even more memories and make sure there is a cute place to take pictures.