2020 brings big changes to the PV improv program


Jared Jones

Improv Night is a much beloved biannual event at Pleasant Valley where the Improv teams compete against each other in a series of fun games with audience interaction.

Taze Wilson, Lead Editor

Pleasant Valley’s Improv Program is getting some big changes for 2020, including an entirely new freshman roster. These new changes are expanding the program while creating an extensive training program. All the changes will be on full display at Improv Night on Oct. 15.

The biggest change to the Improv program this year is the creation of the all-new freshman improv roster. Freshman improv members will be split into teams later into the season and have the opportunity to compete at State Speech against other freshman teams. The team will be organized and coached by senior Morgan Webb, a former member of Junior Varsity Improv.

Director of the Improv program, Francis Dunbar, is enthusiastic about what the freshmen are bringing to the program. “I think it’s really going to give the program fresh energy and longevity,” said Dunbar. He said the training will be the same quality it always has been, just a different format like all education at this moment. 

Altogether, eight freshmen have joined the program along with many new members to the Junior Varsity team. Coached by Dunbar, JV operates as a feeder to the competition teams and does not play competitively except at Improv Night. JV’s 2020 roster ranges the grade spectrum with 5 sophomores and 2 seniors and is the largest the team has been since its conception. 

Among the new additions are three new improvers to the competition teams. Hatrick has welcomed two new members, Caleb Swinney and John Wahrndahl, both former JV Improvers. Kakistocracy has accepted Ethan Kilcoin to their team, a new addition to the program but a long-time member of the PV Drama Department. 

Although COVID-19 has forced plans for Improv Night to change, along with most other live events, the show must go on. Although the format is unclear, Dunbar made clear that the Improv program will still be making people laugh whether it’s online or in person. 

The future prospects of an online Improv Night have not decreased the roster’s excitement in the slightest. Senior and captain of Kakistocracy Jared Jones says, “No matter what the format of Improv Night looks like I am sure everyone will still have a great time.” The hopeful attitude for Improv seems to be a theme of persistence this year.