An unexpected victim of COVID-19: The Pleasant Valley Band Parent Association


Drew Anderson

The Fruit and Cheese sale is one of the largest fundraisers of the Pleasant Valley Band. On December 24th, 2020, the PVBPA organize another successful Fruit and Cheese event, showing their persistence despite difficult times.

Ani Pradeep, News Editor

The Pleasant Valley Band Parent Association is one of the largest booster clubs in the arts programs at PV and has an immense impact on the band. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars for the program.

The main responsibilities of the booster club include buying uniforms, paying for honor bands, and setting up fundraising for band trips — relying on fundraisers to make these opportunities happen. 

Much of the financial issues began with the cancellation of the band trip in March just days before the departure date, many of the travel agencies and hotels refused a refund or gave a very small percentage back, leading to the booster program losing lots of money. Furthermore, the PVBPA had to pay students back the remaining portion from their funds for the next academic year.

Lisa Brown, the president of the PVBPA, is one of the many members who noted how disappointing it is that they are unable to hold as many fundraisers this year as in previous years. 

“It is definitely disheartening when we lose out on thousands of dollars that could have been spent for instruments and uniforms next year,” affirmed Brown. For years, the band has been able to supply instruments to children who could not afford them, but the loss in funds has severely hit that area.

Nevertheless, Brown recognized how the hard work of the directors and students this year has helped alleviate some of the financial stresses of the year. “I definitely appreciate how much the directors and students have done for us. They have been actively involved in our biggest fundraisers such as the mattress fundraiser and fruit and cheese sale. Despite such an abnormal year, it is amazing to see the band family come together,” Brown asserted.

Band director Drew Anderson believes that the students have been at a disadvantage with the loss of money. “Some of the most special times of a band student’s life was going to honor bands where they spent time with each other and made enduring memories. Obviously, the honor bands are cancelled this year due to safety concerns, but we hope these losses do not affect them next year,” claimed Anderson. 

Anderson plans to encourage students to be proactive in fundraising–especially next year–so that they can recover some of the old fun traditions as well as buy more supplies for students.

Despite suffering a loss of close to $30,000, the PVBPA is confident that the band community will collaboratively help the band rise and bring back some form of normalcy.