Spring sports report: The return of spring sports after a two year offseason


Brad Russmann

The 2019 PV girls soccer team punched their ticket to state at Bettendorf High School

Matt Mickle, PV Only Editor

COVID-19 stripped seasons from spring athletes last year, but this March they finally get the opportunity to compete once again.

After Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ announcement that all 2020 spring sports would be cancelled due to the global pandemic, thousands of high school athletes across the state were left unable to compete — many for the last time. 

Not only did countless seniors miss out on their final opportunity to compete for their school, but it also crushed the dreams of juniors’ last chance to play with some of their best friends.

This holds true for PV senior soccer player Isabel Russmann, who has been a member of the PV girls soccer varsity squad since she was a freshman, and was one of those juniors who was chomping at the bit to get out on the field last year for a run at a state title after losing in the quarter finals the year prior.

Russmann had been playing with girls one year older her whole life, making losing out on  the opportunity to take field with her soccer sisters one last time even more difficult for her. “We had a great group that had been playing together for years, I really think we could have made a run for that title,” she stated.

Having the last two years to prepare for the upcoming season has given our spring athletes time to perfect their craft, as well as get fired up to have all their hard work pay off.

While this situation could very easily be looked at as a reason to give up, the Spartans have used this as added fuel to the fire. Losing last season only makes this one mean that much more. “Knowing what we could have had last year made all the girls dig a little deeper and work a little harder for this year. We know what we want and what we can be, this one means the world to us,” Russmann said.

However, soccer was not the only sport that was snubbed. Track and field, tennis, and girls golf are all in the same boat.

Successful track runner senior Kole Sommer has been on the edge of his seat for the past two years waiting to get out there and lead his team to victory night in and night out.

It is no secret that running track requires lots of training year round in order to stay in shape and be able to compete at peak performance when the season comes around, but training everyday for two years is no simple task.

Sommer had to alter his workouts throughout the 720 day off season, but staying the course and dedicating himself has led him to this moment without a worry in the world. “I trained really hard over the off season so I am confident that I am well prepared to have a good season,” Sommer explained.