Creating connections one class at a time: Aimee Peters’ impact on PV students


Emmie Peters

Aimee Peters playing badminton during her prep period to spend more time with her students.

Laci Roberts, Copy Editor

At Pleasant Valley, Aimee Peters is teaching art and creating lifelong connections with her students. In her classroom, Peters strives to put students first by developing relationships and strong lines of communication.

Peters’ goal in her classroom environment is to create a space that helps students succeed. During projects, she continuously checks in with her students to see their progress. In some cases, Peters will adjust due dates if the majority of her class needs more time to complete an assignment. These are just a few of the many ways that Peters is working to help students in her classes.  

The art teacher’s job may be teaching, but Peters is known as more to her students. Senior Myla Mccune thinks of Peters as more than just an art teacher. “Some days I swear, Mrs. Peters is almost a personal therapist to her classes. She always checked in with people if she knows they are having a bad day. She really cares about us,” she said.

Peters loves her students because of the positive impact they have on her own personal life. “I love my students because no matter how hard I am trying to have a bad day, they always end up putting a smile on my face,” she explained.

Senior Isabel Stevens loves the environment of Peter’s classroom. “Mrs. Peters is honestly the best teacher. She is constantly looking out for her students and making sure they are okay,” she shared. “She understands that we all have stuff going on in our own lives that may be in the way of school. She makes every assignment fun and takes the time to really teach us. The environment of her classroom is so peaceful and a good place to work.”

Peters has created connections with students and put student success first. She has done amazing things for the art program since she started at PV in 2008. Outside of the art program she makes connections with students through outside activities. Every day she continues bringing smiles to the faces of her students.