Movies to watch before you graduate highschool


Ingrid Hofmann

Watch these movies before graduating high school and learn all the lessons to prepare you for adulthood.

Lauren Guinn, Opinion Editor


Saoirse Ronan plays Ladybird in this film that follows her throughout her many struggles with relationships in her last year of high school. It shows the strained relationship with her mother and her father as well as how she fluctuates through friends and boyfriends. There’s not much to the plot but this film directed by Greta Gerwig really captures the high school experience.

The Breakfast Club

5 high school students from different walks of life come together for a Saturday detention under a power-hungry principal. Each student tells their own story and there is someone everyone can relate to. This is the classic of all the classic high school dramas and is a must watch if your parents haven’t already made you watch it. 

Ferris Bueller’s day off

 Another one of John Hughes’ masterpieces comes Ferris Bueller’s day off following a sneaky high school student whose secret skill is cutting class and getting away with it. In this movie he embarks on a journey to Chicago while his principal is determined to catch him. This movie is the perfect mix of comedy and a little bit of romance and is definitely a movie to see before you graduate. 

High School Musical

The ultimate Disney Channel Original movie that shows a not-so-accurate version of high school. Still this movie is so fun and enjoyable to sit down and watch and is the perfect go-to movie if you do not know what to watch. It follows Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella and Zac Efron as Troy Bolton as they both have to decide between a musical or their respective interests in science and basketball. 

Mean Girls

The ultimate and classic high school movie that everyone knows and loves. If you haven’t seen this cult classic it’s time you do. This movie follows Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron and Amy McAdams as Regina George as they fight for popularity within their high school. Cady is new from Africa and Regina is the reigning queen bee. Watch this movie to follow their hilarious and dramatic problems and common high school issues.