Video games: The bond created through screens


Alex Clemons

An Xbox pro series controller and Astro headphones that are a part of how relationships are formed through a screen.

Alex Clemons, Sports Editor

Video games strengthen bonds between friends and forge new relationships between gamers. Video games are a way to evolve relationships, especially when meeting in-person is not an option. 

There are a ton of games available for public use. Many of these games are single player, which allow the player to play by themselves to achieve a high score or to complete a mission. But lots of other games offered are multiplayer games. These games allow for interaction with other players. This type of game allows for relationships between players to start or strengthen.

Carson Albrecht loves to play multiplayer games. One of his favorite multiplayer games being a battle royale game called Warzone. “I think that me and my friends are able to connect all the time. It helps us build a stronger connection because of it,” he commented.

Video games not only let friends connect with each other, but can create everlasting memories of good times while playing with others. 

Ike Swanson plays many multiplayer games and some single player games too. One of his favorite games to play is a game similar to Warzone. It is also a battle royale type game called Apex Legends. Swanson has created and strengthened many relationships through the games he plays. 

“Video games allow me to have fun and make memories with my friends when we can’t actually hang out in real life,” Swanson stated. “I have made many memories with my friends by playing video games late at night and making jokes with each other.”

Video games not only create memories, strengthen relationships and start friendships, but they can be a way for people to forget about the real world. Video games can be a way for players to be able to dismiss their problems and issues in the real world and enjoy their time with friends, while playing their favorite games. 

Since COVID-19 struck the United States, stress has been more prevalent than ever. Video games are a great way to escape the stress of everyday life. “It helps all of our anxieties,” Albrecht reflected. 

Video games are a great way to reignite bonds between friends, spark new friendships and a way to be free of everyday life’s stresses and anxieties.