5 best Whitey’s Ice Cream flavors


Beth Mooy, Infographic Manager

When you are unsure of what to get the next time you venture into the long Whitey’s Ice Cream line, consider these unique and delicious flavors to try and enjoy.


Gummy Bear


Swirled with many different flavors of Whitey’s own gummy bears, this rapberry flavored ice cream is like no other I’ve ever found.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel


This fan favorite is a mixture of chocolate ice cream, a peanut butter swirl and deliciously chewy chocolate chunks. Some say it resembles a peanut butter cup when mixed into a shake– one of my favorites.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Although a common one, this classic has a sweet ice cream with many little cookie dough bites and chocolate chips throughout.


Watermelon Sorbet


This vibrant summer colored ice cream is the smoothest sorbet there is, and perfect for a warm day.


Carrot Cake/ Red Velvet Cake


These two seasonal flavors (fall/ spring) are made with pieces of real cake with cream cheese frosting which are made at the Whitey’s plant in Moline.


Honorable Mention: Black Walnut


This prestigious ice cream flavor beloved by the elderly did not quite make the cut for the top five, but a suitable option for a cold treat nonetheless–especially if you are looking for something pasty and flavorless!