5 ways to stay productive this summer


Muskan Basnet, Copy Editor

After an insane year with COVID-19 and hybrid and online learning, everyone is ready for the summer. It always provides a much needed break from school, but often many people find themselves sitting around, wasting their days. Here are five ways to avoid that and have a productive summer.


Get a summer job

Getting a summer job is a great way to pass the time over the summer and get a reward. You’ll learn responsibility and time management skills as you begin a new path towards independence. Plus, you’ll be making money, but try not to spend it all in one place. 

Take an online college course

If you are planning to go to college at some point, getting a head start is never a bad idea. Without the extra stress from your high school classes over the summer, you will have more time to complete one or more college courses and receive college credit for the future. Learning is never a bad idea, even in the summer.

Read a book

Many of us have not picked up a book willingly since elementary school. Maybe it is because we never have time to read or haven’t found the same joy in it as we used to. Choose a book that truly interests you and allow yourself to get lost in the pages. Reading is a perfect way to find an escape from your busy life, pass the time and increase your learning ability. 


Volunteer work can be helpful to figure out your future plans. Try volunteering at a place that might give you some experience for your future career path. It is also an easy way to give back to the community. If you are worried that volunteering might conflict with your preexisting summer plans, there are many places that allow you flexibility when you volunteer, so you can fit it in whenever you have free time!

Clean/reorganize your space

So maybe you didn’t do your spring cleaning this year, but no need to worry because summer is an even better time to do it. Whether it be your room, your home or your car, taking the time to clean out the spaces you use the most is always refreshing. Plus, for seniors it will be just in time for moving into college.