Preparing for college? Do not bring these 9 items

Everyone knows the college necessities but let this list save you from nine things you shouldnt take with you.

Beth Mooy

Everyone knows the college necessities but let this list save you from nine things you shouldn’t take with you.

Kendall Jarvis, News Editor

More than one set of utensils, towels, and other everyday items

Although you may think it is important to have extras in case something breaks or gets ruined, you do not have unlimited space for all of these extra items. If you are concerned about needing to replace these items, do not fret, ordering from amazon or shopping at a local target are usually available to all students.


A large collection of shoes

Dorms are typically a pretty small room that you have to share. Bringing every single pair of shoes that you own will take up a lot of space and you will never end up wearing them all. College is not the time to overpack – keep that in mind.


A bunch of T-shirts

During orientation, many clubs and organizations are set up and will give you a multitude of T-shirts for you to wear. Remember, your closet space will be very limited, so pack only the clothes you know you will wear and leave room for new items you may receive throughout the semester.


An abundance of school supplies

A few basic supplies are good to have for your first week of school, but anything more than that may go unused. Wait until your first week of classes and see what your professors actually require.


Stuff you and your roommate can share

Before you go shopping for your dorm, make a plan with your roommate to cover who is bringing what. Many students bring Brita water filters, but you don’t need two in your dorm. Other miscellaneous items are like this too, so plan ahead so you don’t end up purchasing too much.



Many students want to bring jewelry and other expensive items with them to college, but that can lead to a higher chance of these valuables being lost or broken. Most of the time these items will not be of use to you while on campus, so keeping them safe at home is a good idea.


Lots of dorm decorations

On the school’s housing agreement, there might be a section stating that you can only have a certain percentage of your dorm walls covered. If you haven’t looked at your housing agreement, give it a glance before you go looking for room decor.


All of your clothes

Like stated previously, there is a limited amount of closet space in your dorm, so limiting the amount of clothes you are bringing will help. More formal attire will most likely not be used, so leaving those articles at home will save space. Only bring stuff you truly need for your semester.


Large Appliances

Many schools do not allow the storage and use of large appliances because of fire safety and the electrical pull can exceed the outlet. Even if your school allows these appliances in the dorm, you most likely will not use them and they will take up much of the limited space inside the dorm. A lot of schools have community kitchens within the dorms with supplies provided, so if you ever get the urge to cook, your university may have the stuff you need.