Basketball Profiles: Leaders of Spartan program


Spartan Shield staff

Junior Connor Borbeck prepares to make a play against Iowa City Liberty.

Brady Hunter, Multimedia Manager

One of the first things that comes to mind while discussing PV’s athletic program is their impressive basketball team. 

The Spartans Finished their 2020 season (19-4) at the Wells Fargo arena following a loss to the Waukee Warriors in the state quarterfinals. Coming off of a rather impressive performance, senior point guard Ryan Dolphin has high hopes this season for the team. 

With the mentality #heartoverheight, Dolphin has always found a way to make his shorter build an advantage for PV. With quick feet, a consistent jumper and a stellar sense of awareness on the court, Dolphin has been a stand-out performer throughout the majority of his high school career. 

Following in Dolphin’s footsteps, junior Connor Borbeck scored 26 points Tuesday December 7th following the Spartans’ domination over the North Scott Lancers. 

“I felt like we maintained control of the game at all times and when we played as a team, we were unguardable,” Borbeck explained. “Personally, building confidence in myself has been an important part of my development as a player and a teammate.”

Returning a group of five, well-developed seniors, coach Steve Hillman may be looking at a red hot offense along with one of the best defenses in the state.

In addition to the men’s team, PV has a very well decorated women’s basketball program. They have traveled to the state tournament a handful of times in the past decade. 

Per Varsity Bound, junior Halle Vice led the team in scoring last season with just below 13 points per game. Additionally, Vice averaged 1.6 assists and three steals per game. Preparing for a large leadership role this season, Vice is playing her first season in absence of her graduated sister, Riley Vice. 

The arising question for coach Jennifer Goetz, who is heading into her 10th year coaching, is how can PV be the dominant force in the Mississippi Athletic Conference (MAC) this season?

The simple answer is to do what PV does best: Play team defense. 

Regardless of the initial matchup playing against PV basketball programs, opponents always expect a solid defensive foundation from the Spartans. For both the men’s and women’s programs, creating a solid offensive threat against adversaries is the make-or-break factor this season for the Spartans.