Spring Break Beach Travel Essentials


Sidney Brockmann

A beautiful beach view from Cancún, Mexico.

Sidney Brockmann, Social Media Manager

Spring Break is practically here and many are opting to go somewhere closer to the equator after the cold temperatures of this winter. This list features not so basic travel essentials for people seeking beach destinations. This is what you should pack besides your bare necessities such as shoes, clothing, and toiletries. These must-have beach essentials will take your sandy spring break destination to the next level. 

  1. A hat 

Choose a hat that shades your face and eyes from the bright, hot beach sun and fits your personal style. A straw sun hat or a baseball hat will both work depending on which vibe you are going for; you could even pack one of each for different outfits. A bucket hat could also be fun.

      2.  A good read 

Who doesn’t dream of opening up a good read while lounging by the beach or pool? “Beach Read,” by Emily Henry is a perfect romance novel for reading on the beach as the name indicates. Find more suggestions all over social media or by a simple google search.

       3.  Ball for the beach

Not to be confused with a cheaply made beach ball that usually ends up blowing away and getting popped in bushes. Opt for something more timeless and heavy duty. Grab a football or frisbee out of the garage instead. You can toss these around with all of your friends and family for hours of entertainment.

        4.  Sunglasses

Whether cat eye or aviator, don’t forget to pack a couple pairs of sunglasses. Perhaps leave the designer at home because the ocean is known for sweeping away sunglasses. Who doesn’t love a fun pair of shades to block your eyes from the bright UV rays? 

         5.  Disposable camera

Snap some beautiful pictures of the tropical beach scenery or of your family and friends with a disposable camera. The timeless filter and look of a disposable is unbeatable. If you are looking for something more financially friendly, you could also try downloading a disposable camera app for free.

         6.  Sunscreen & after sun

Although you may go to the beach to get a glowing tan, it is important to protect your skin from the sun. You can still develop a tan from using sunscreen. If and when the sunscreen application fails, have aloe with you to soothe your skin from sunburns. An “after sun” marketed lotion may also work well.

         7.  Waterproof phone case

Pack along a waterproof phone lanyard holder. You can take some really fun pictures underwater or even just to protect your phone while at the beach or pool from water or sand damage. 

         8.  Beach blanket

It might be nice to pack a stylish beach blanket to sunbathe on top of the sand in addition to the hotel provided towel. This beach blanket may also make a good photo op to lay on while on the beach.

Although every item on this list can enhance your beach experience, only pack what you will use. And remember, it’s not about what items you bring with you, it’s about the memories you make. No matter what you pack on your beach vacation, remember to sit back and relax and enjoy your break, you probably need it.