Back in action: MLB restart sparks hype for baseball season.

Now that the MLB lockout is resolved, baseball is back in full swing again.

Joshua Peacock

Now that the MLB lockout is resolved, baseball is back in full swing again.

Owen Gannaway, Sports Editor

Finally, after a 99-day lockout, the players and owners of the MLB have reached an agreement – and not a minute too soon. Opening day is just weeks away for not just the MLB, but also for Pleasant Valley baseball’s upcoming season.

On Dec. 2, the MLB unanimously voted to lock out the players. This lockout came after disputes concerning players wages and equal pay. There were many other controversies and new rules discussed over this time period.

First, the owners wanted to extend the playoffs which would widely benefit teams as 100% of the revenue from TV is returned to the teams themselves. The players have been requesting this for a while, and as much as it will benefit them, the owners are on board because they will see major increases in their own revenue.

Second, the designated hitter (DH) will be implemented universally. “This rule change is huge because many pitchers are awful hitters which just kills offensive production and leads to slower and more boring games,” said senior catcher Ryan Thoreson. “Essentially, it allows for pitchers to do what they do best while decreasing the possibility of becoming injured.” This new implementation of a DH will help to protect pitchers in ways such as base running.

“The feeling of baseball being back at a professional level creates a lot of excitement for fans and players alike,” said senior outfielder Drew Micek. “I know I am excited to get back to playing baseball again like these professional players.” Many other baseball players share similar feelings. The fact that baseball is back and running creates an exciting atmosphere for these players that will lead into their upcoming season.

The restart of baseball produces excitement in another major way as well. “I’m glad baseball is back because I enjoy watching it and then trying to implement the skills I see the pros doing,” said Thoreson. This is a huge part of what intrigues younger players: watching their teams and their favorite players do what they soon hope to do.

The return of baseball is exciting to fans and players alike. It creates an exciting atmosphere for players who are starting their season soon. PV players will hope to recreate what they did last year: winning the state championship.