“The Adam Project” creates a futuristic movie starring beloved Ryan Reynolds

Star Ryan Reynolds smiles for camera.

Dick Thomas Johnson via Wikipedia Commons

Star Ryan Reynolds smiles for camera.

Owen Gannaway, Sports Editor

On March 11, 2022, Netflix released “The Adam Project,” starring Ryan Reynolds with Walker Scobell, Zoe Saldaña, Catherine Keener, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo as mentionable supporting actors. With a solid cast behind a widely adored Reynolds, how did Netflix’s futuristic movie live up to the expectations the cast created for it?

“The Adam Project” is a sci-fi fantasy movie about a time traveling pilot, Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds), crash landing in 2022 and having to team up with a younger version of himself. This comedy-filled adventure followed the journey of the older and younger Reed as they worked together to hold off Maya Sorian (Catherine Keener) while they completed older Reed’s “classified” mission and untangle the mess of time travel. 

The basic time travel plot to the movie made it a major disappointment for many. “Firstly, I didn’t like how predictable the movie was. I felt like there wasn’t anything particularly special to the plot, and the only reason the movie was even minorly successful was because of Ryan Reynolds,” said senior Adelaide Wolfe. Despite the simple plot, this movie succeeded due to one factor: Reynolds. This element to the movie is enough in itself to attract viewership, and many will like the movie simply for the fact that Reynolds is the star. 

On the contrary, some found the sci-fi adventure fascinating. “I think that the movie was different from anything else out there, and it was interesting to see how they depict how they think the future will be as far as technological advancements go,” said senior Max Vanderschaaf. At some point or another, everyone has pictured what the future has in store, and this movie gave viewers an intriguing perspective. 

Highly anticipated, “The Adam Project” had a budget of $116 Million; however, it made just $185 million despite having 92.43 million hours streamed in the first weekend – a major let down for Netflix and Reynolds. 

Some critics believe the plot was too basic while others were enthralled by the futuristic elements. Regardless of opinion, “The Adam Project” gave the audience some brilliant acting performances, the famous humor of Reynolds and even moments of emotion