Athlete of the week: Bryn Bahnks


Gretchen Highberger

Bryn Bahnks is planning to continue her academic career at Washington University in St. Louis to study biology this upcoming fall semester.

Libby Kamp, Sports Editor

Senior Bryn Bahnks is an underrated machine in not only one or two sports, but three. Moving from a small town in Illinois, Bahnks transferred into Pleasant Valley at the start of her junior year. Bahnks was determined to intertwine herself into the sports community here at PVHS; with that determination, she grew her love for each sport in different ways. 

Throughout Bahnks’ athletic career, she has participated in soccer, gymnastics, softball, track, cross country, volleyball and basketball. However, she soon realized her love for basketball, cross country and track were greater than the others. “Basketball, cross country, and track all stuck with me and it’s because I grew to love them more. They all fostered good team environments and I experienced a lot of success in them,” she said. 

Bahnks manages to not only excel in sports, but also maintain a vigorous class schedule and a job. “Managing school, a job and sports can be difficult at times. If I have a busy week schedule, I try to be as productive as I can during the school day and whenever I find time outside of practice and work.” For Bahnks, having a planner that keeps track of her schedule and work is an essential part of her success. 

Bahnks’ intense schedule is one that many are not fit for– but she handles it seamlessly. But Bahnks recognizes that without the encouragement of her teammates, family and coaches, she wouldn’t be as successful as she is. 

“My parents didn’t have any rules for me regarding which sports I did, however, they always encouraged me to try my hardest in practice and games. That advice will stick with me whether it is regarding sports or not,” Bahnks said. 

To say Bahnks’ hard work paid off would be an understatement. In December of 2022, Bahnks was accepted through early decision to study biology at Washington University in St. Louis. 

Junior Jessie Clemons, a friend and teammate of Bahnks, shared her thoughts on Bahnks’ success. “Throughout Bryn’s high school athletic career she has faced so many challenges, including a few season ending injuries. Bryn’s perseverance and strive for success trumps any challenge she’s faced, and the awards that she has won don’t even begin to describe how dedicated and powerful of a person she is,” said Clemons.  

Bahnks’ achievements in both the classroom and her sports are not solely possible because of her hard work and determination, but also because of her coaches and supporters. “I have always had great coaches which make the experience more enjoyable. It’s nice to always have people cheering you on even if that’s a teacher, friend, coach, or family member. It plays a big role in my success.”

Although Bahnks is currently overcoming a knee injury, that doesn’t stop her undeniable love for her sports. “My love for sports over the years has grown tremendously. The environment that surrounds me here with PV athletics is indescribable,” Bahnks added.

Bahnks has made an immense impact within the halls PV. With being constantly in season and handling a full schedule, Bahnks truly is an inspiration to any student-athlete.