Athlete of the week: Morgan Russmann


Drake Hanson

Morgan Russmann is currently committed to play soccer at North Dakota State University in the fall of 2024.

Libby Kamp, Sports Editor

As only a junior, Morgan Russmann has emerged as a multitalented varsity athlete in both soccer and basketball. Scoring 19 goals already this soccer season and achieving a championship ring from basketball, the North Dakota State University commit continues to be a star on both the court and the field at Pleasant Valley. 

Starting soccer at a young age, Russmann always contained a passion for the sport. Her mom, dad and sister all had a huge impact on her success and decision to continue to play soccer. “My mom has always pushed me to be the best player I can be and been my biggest fan. My sister loves college soccer and has made me so excited to play at the next level. Between the both of them, being so involved in soccer has pushed me to my limits, but my dad has always given me the confidence to do big things,” said Russmann.

For the past three years, Russmann has been an impactful leader of the PVHS girls’ soccer team. She has been a key player getting into the state tournament in past years. “Going into the state tournament, having strong players like Morgan was essential. She had always performed her best no matter the outcome,” senior captain Kensie Staats said. 

Russmann is not only successful on the field, but also the court. This past basketball season, Russmann and her teammates made their way to the championship game to win the first women’s basketball state title in Pleasant Valley history. “Being a part of the basketball team will always be a core memory of mine. Going to state was the most fun I’ve ever had with the team even though I barely played. Playing a second sport is so important and I’m so glad I did. Winning state was so surreal and something I will forever remember,” Russmann stated. 

Senior teammate Halle Vice feels that Russmann’s energy had a big impact on the team. “Morgan is one of the hardest working people I know. She has the attitude of wanting to be the best, and she puts in so much work to be in the position she’s in today,” stated Vice. “Her energy is contagious when she competes, and she makes everyone else around her better.”

That energy is also poured out on the soccer field. As the only junior captain, Russmann exuberates excitement and energy throughout the team. Staats loves how Russmann affects the team. “It’s so fun in the locker room before games when Morgan goes crazy and gets everyone hype. It’s nice to have someone like her on the team,” continued Staats. 

Russmann has always been an impactful player in all her sports. She spends day in and day out practicing. Whether that consists of lifting weights, personal training sessions or physical therapy, Russmann is always getting better. Her persistence to be the best demonstrates a level of dedication that all athletes strive for.