Saving money, skipping dances


Margaret Huang

Vashi Chintalapalli, Ingrid Hoffman and Margaret Huang enjoy each other’s company while they hang out.

Anton Dahm

For many Pleasant Valley students, Turnabout is a source of unnecessary stress and pressure. From buying dresses, ties and flowers to coordinating drivers, planning for the winter semi-formal resembles a chore. The price tag associated with Turnabout can also dissuade students. As the least popular Pleasant Valley dance, many are choosing to skip the event. 

Despite the lack of interest in the dance, Turnabout night can still create fond memories.

       1.  Get a group

The more, the merrier. Getting a group to skip Turnabout can create fun memories. In a world of busy schedules, it can be difficult to coordinate with large groups of people. Turnabout night is practically guaranteed to be free of other school events. Other students without plans are sure to be available at no cost to you.

       2.  Dress up

With expensive clothes expected at the dance, spending can get tricky. Students can easily spend over $350 on new clothes. Not attending the dance can be a huge relief on everyone’s wallet. On the other hand, dressing up can boost confidence and provide a unique, fun experience. There is a familiar solution: hand-me-downs. Borrowing cufflinks or earrings to compliment previous outfits can provide a fresh look and eliminate the costs of new clothes.

       3.  Eat at home

Another source of financial and logistical stress is dinner. Mediating a large group is difficult when deciding where to eat. Likely, some group members might not enjoy the venue selection, but clam up to appease the crowd. Additionally, the cost of fine dining can be around $100. Alternatively, cooking at home can provide a fun, cheap way to ensure you eat an enjoyable meal.

       4.  Use group discounts

Oftentimes, large groups can qualify for deals and discounts at entertainment businesses. Additionally, the group can split the bill to further ease the monetary burden. Popular coupon sites such as groupon and taponit can also provide great deals for groups deciding to go out on the town.

       5.  Host a party at home

Traditionally, students going to the winter dance would look for an afterparty to attend after the dance. By not going to the dance, the afterparty becomes the main attraction. Board games, movies, and dancing are just a few examples of what a house party can provide.

       6.  Limit driving

Going from your house to photos to dinner to the dance to the afterparty and back to your house can be exhausting for you or whoever’s driving. By cutting out different locations, driving and travel time can be reduced significantly. Additionally, gas prices can also dampen any student’s night.

A cost-effective winter dance is possible. By skipping the dance and practicing these cost-saving methods, savings could easily reach $500. Getting a group together and having homemade fun is a surefire way to create long lasting memories of high school.