Shell shortage: The rise in ammunition cost creating fear this spring trap season


Kim Lemburg

Micheal Lemburg at the nationals championship celebrating his addition to the All State team.

Laci Roberts, Copy Editor

During the political unrest in 2020, ammunition prices began to rise due to supply and demand issues. These prices have continued to rise as people panic and have started to clear the shelves whenever they find ammunition.

The current scarcity of shells  has left trap shooters scared for their 2021 season. 

Freshman Robert Curtis is having problems finding shells this year. “The ammo shortage has really made it difficult for my family to afford ammunition this year. We recently found some but it was extremely expensive. This new ammo cost is making trap even more expensive this year,” explained Curtis.

Before this shortage, a box of shells ranged from $4 to $6 a box. A box of shells can now cost around $7 to $8 depending on the speed and weight of shells. Every week a trap shooter can use anywhere from four boxes to 12 boxes, meaning they can spend anywhere from $28 to $96 on a weekly basis and $336 to $1,152 per season.

Sophomore Noah Kidwell sophomore is wondering if the trap season will even happen. “I am nervous for this trap season because I am not sure if everyone will have enough ammo to shoot this year. Between COVID-19  and lack of ammunition I would not be surprised if the team makes cuts on the amount of meets that PV competes in,” stated Kidwell

The PV trap team has attempted to help shooters this year by placing a large order through the team.  Each member of the PV trap team is receiving two flats, or 20 boxes, of practice ammunition paid for by the team. 

Mike Romans, the high school head coach, further explained the massive amount of ammo bought through the team. 

“For practice ammo, the team is purchasing two pallets of ammunition valued over $11,000 and is a portion of the larger order we are working to fill for the team that is over 5.5 pallets, 600 cases and 156,000 shells. That is an amazing amount of target the team is going to be shooting this year,” said Romans.

This large order was placed back in 2020, but the order delivery date has been pushed back to late March or early April of 2021 due to supply issues. Even with the challenges that PV trap shooters can be facing, they still have hope for a good season this year.